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    It's Been a Long Time

    It's been about or a year since I've created a web layout. I just recently finished this yesterday. Most layouts are vertical, but I decided to create a horizontal one instead. I actually really like the way this one came out. It's a pure graphics layout with pop ups. I haven't coded it yet because I'm lazy. lols c&c is Highly appreciated and recommended. Thank you. It's Been a Long Time
  2. Napoleon Bonaparte

    It's Been a Long Time

    I haven't done them yet. lols Just the main page is done. I was thinking using this for my own personal website. Well that's if I ever decide to create one. lol
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Stopping by

    School firewalls suck. lols Well do visit whenever you can.
  4. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Koby's Graphic Work Showcase Extravaganza~

    I think it looks really good. I really like the soft blue and purple colors and how the stock is blended too. The effects are nice also. Your font choice may not be something that I would choose, but you always seem to make it look good. The only thing I don't like about this signature is the black border. lol Overall, It's a really good.
  5. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    I think I must be the only person not that thrilled about this game. I don't know why but this game has a Kingdom Hearts feeling to it. I suppose it's because of the atmosphere of the video, which was already seen in the Kingdom Hearts - Another Side, Another Story/Deep Dive trailer. But I must admit it does look good though.
  6. Napoleon Bonaparte

    The Room, Tarzana

    I made these icons two days ago. It had been months since I've made icons. There was more icons then this, but I just decided to post these. c&c is highly recommended and appreciated.
  7. Napoleon Bonaparte

    What is the last game you have finished?

    I'm pretty sure the last game that I've finished is Final Fantasy XII. It got boring after a while so I just decided to beat it.
  8. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Rate The Signatures Above

    Icon - 7/10 Signature(s) - 8/10 They could be done better though.
  9. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Koby's Graphic Work Showcase Extravaganza~

    The first one is rather good. It's simple and clean. Your second one is not as good as your first though in my opinion. When you have time you should try out new textures and effects. Your sister's signature is pretty good. You two indeed have very similar styles. The only negative comment I have to say about this signature is that the stock looks like it's just pasted on top of the background. Some other effects would make this look better.
  10. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Smudge Whoredom

    I tried to try something new with this signature. It's a completely smudged signature. Just the stock and little scribbles are non-smudged. It's a new style for me I suppose. c&c is highly recommended. Thank you. JSYK - This was made a month ago I believe.
  11. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Koby's Graphic Work Showcase Extravaganza~

    Both in my opinion are pretty good. It's been a long time since I've seen this style. And for some reason I still like it. People now-a-days just tend to oversharpen and put too much effects in a signature. The first one is plain and simple. I like the text but that's just my opinion, but overall it's nice. I like the second one the best though. It seems more complete then the first one. The text is alright but it's not as "in place" as the previous one. Overall it's more appealing to me. Great job on both.
  12. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Tada Ima

    Welcome back FH_DA! I know I recognize that name and your current one. Was it FinalHeaven_DarkAngel? Well who knows. lols Enjoy your stay!
  13. Napoleon Bonaparte


    Hey everyone I'm back. Sorry I've completely forgotten about this forum. I've been busy lately, besides being lazy. lols. Well some people here may remember me, and to those who don't; hello!
  14. Napoleon Bonaparte

    East Side

    Thanks Uni. I really like using this vintage surrealism style. Surrealism has taken over my brain. lols. Here's another piece I made last week. It's very plain and boring. It's called The Rebellion. It was supposed to be a continuation piece of The Enslaved. I didn't really like the overall outcome of The Rebellion. c&c is highly appreciated.
  15. Napoleon Bonaparte

    East Side

    Just two new works that I made this month.
  16. Napoleon Bonaparte

    *ducks for cover*

    Welcome to the forums Golden Nightmare. I like that name. lols Hope you have a good time here and post till your heart's content. :> See you around the forums.
  17. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Back from a long downtime....

    I too thought that Kametsu died without notifying anyone. lols I'm glad that it was just a downtime and not permanent. Glad to see the forums back up Koby. :>
  18. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Hawks Can Go

    [Link] [Link] [Link] Haven't done much lately, except for the first piece, which I did yesterday. Two boring signatures.
  19. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Guess the next poster

    I am human-like. <: Maybe Koby will post next? Who knows.
  20. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Hawks Can Go

    I mainly use my own resources from pandoraicons, but I'll also use Masterjinn and DustyOldStock's resources too on DeviantART.
  21. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Poking In once more

    Welcome back to Kamestu. Happy late birthday too.
  22. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Secrets & Cookie Cutter

    Wow those are great for a "real shot" at doing graphics. <: I think though that both images are both brightened and contrasted a tad too much. They're still really nice though.
  23. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Random Thingies

    Your art is very awesome. <: Great signatures too. Your last signature is my favorite.
  24. Napoleon Bonaparte


    It's been a while since I've done a greeting here. Welcome. Hope you have fun here and enjoy your stay. <:
  25. Napoleon Bonaparte

    I blame whiplash.

    Welcome to the forums Lawliet. Have fun and enjoy your stay and all that good stuff.