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  1. Yeah, I thought Lovecraft was in there. Edgar Allen Poe is another good one, and it seems to show quite a bit as well.

  2. I tend to only write free verse poetry. I've tried to write more poem that consist of a rhyme scheme but they end up diminishing my voice as a writer. I'm glad you took the time time to read my poetry, its only recently that I've begun to adapt my poetry into short stories. I always write a poem before I start a short story so that I know the overall, plot, theme, and characters that I would like to work with.
  3. Walking through a derelict passageway, A charred arm reaches out for my worm eaten cloak, Slithering against crumbling walls with paranoia it foretells an ancient prophecy The gorgon's eye was held together by sacred threads of absolution. Mythical tales created for self-satisfaction break the ideals humanity falls back on, Cursed snakes touch my sleeping face in this malignant night of rapture A petrified mannequin awakens from a dark lullaby with one eye still closed. An imperial collection of souls trapped within a mirror of bitter sealing, Your kind will be the first to know what the devil is missing The corpse waits in the furnace,coveting my cold embrace. Idolatry falls on your spiritual entities, covering them will petals of arrogance Take over their sleeping statues until they bow down in penance. Like wandering lambs in a field of innocent roses, You stumble upon a terrifying ordeal Blinded by a mass of writhing appendages, the walls of clay cover your pale skin. Your heart's deepest desires are bared for all to see Slumber in my dominion for eternity in a shell of carved stone The snake woman engorges itself on the next man's avarice. These pleasurable gears drive humanity into a boiling fever Creating insane hallucinations, My appearance was never meant to create unwanted animosity With a flap of these dragon-like wings a galore of men Striving beyond their limits to ruin their lives. Clearly this satiating attempt to create a ghostly game is fatal Out of your disillusioned remains I rip out my soul, The epitome of spite fails to cultivate any venom in my white layered eyes Wear a filthy bridal gown in order to swim without purpose in a sea of black eels.
  4. Dread opens the path closest to my volatile messiah A deluge of fire falls from the rafters, Clouds of acrid smoke cause my eyes to bleed with deadly precision. The confessionals refuse to open in my moment of agony Crucified idols hold be back with a gate of flesh, Spitting cursed scriptures from their pedestals of pestilence. The heretics have fled from their cage sensing an approaching damnation A flock of lambs wait at the rotting pews slobbering for another sermon, My singed irises look around for the one fool in this audience. With a kiss their holy vice extinguishes itself A servant of heaven places the host in their maw, Pride swells as they stand in the presence of their savior. A token of gratitude in the form of this sacrificial slab Crossing both arms as I attempt to slip into oblivion, The cold granite battles with the raging inferno in its searing glory. Raising the left hand of the devil towards the melting chandeliers Like a phoenix trapped in its own ghostly paradox, A baptism of flames cleanses my guilty lineage Ashes froth in my mouth, revitalizing my veins with black particles.
  5. Disfigured spirits kiss a cross while they raise up decaying citadels, A guilty sinner stands by his own art with a needle stuck in his polluted artery. Magic and revolution tricks the moon into bleeding cosmic tentacles, Your stiff bones remain locked in a never ending embrace with god. The nebula's particles darkens the tide into an unbreakable shadow, A population drinking pure aphrodisiac from the ruins of despair. Murky water dribbling from your mouth collecting in a shallow puddle, A somber song illuminating the ranks of your funeral. Maneuvering destiny into the aspects that govern life without remorse, With these twin gauntlets the noble ones acknowledge my mystic consciousness. Their tempered hands raise the void which eat away at my infected host, Taking everything until the threads dissolve in my grief. A universe made up of a holy hierarchy feasts on the remains of your incarnation, Stoic as always I refuse to raise my battered body beyond the complex crevices. Wearing a fragile shell with the outside layers covered in the markings of war, The strain which feeds me breaks through the cracked fabric of reality. Carving away at muscle until the perfect shade of white opens its eyes at me, Give birth to a relic which lives until ashes are thrown over the sea. Becoming worm food for the elder entities which form this cursed globe, With a goblet of burning clay the serpent rises from his grave.
  6. Reigning her treacherous heart with a maelstrom of supreme chaos Lead us out of this senseless kingdom with a handful of wilted roses. Soak our disintegrating arms in a rusty cauldron of our boiling love My rendezvous with her left my heart feeling swollen with congealed blood. Charming this empress with a sanguinary and innocent tongue The morning dew still clings to this atrocious fantasy. A night of darkness mixed with the uncertainty of a consuming fire Melting tissues together in a coronation of two fornicators. Her closest servant misses her red cloak so he descends into the noisy Gehenna A skillful instrument thrust into the slimy gateway, Your eyes treat me like livestock trapped in a perversion of white snow. In the painful rays of light we meet like century year old strangers Even still I will gnaw my way through the drooling maze of desire. Staring down into your incarceration of swirling sulfur, I will victimize every lost soul that intoxicates itself with your evil, My endless declaration is my weapon now in this hurting facade. Physical melancholy is nothing when compared to the moment of your imminent departure Your nails expose my skinned membrane as I explode into combustion.
  7. Once the snake's performance began angels destroyed their prized instruments You were restricted from Eden while dragging along a gauze ribbon, Placing your chances with fate on a blind guardian. With one delicious bite you're stomach pleads for more Innocence ripened from this abnormal and lecherous fruit. The sin was carved onto your purified shield of flesh One creator's masterpiece soon met a vindictive paintbrush, With a single stroke of evil you were soothed like an infant. Your defiled blood sealed the gateway into everlasting glory Delivering a poisonous inheritance to your sleeping children. Our holy mother endowed with curiosity and pleasure Left paradise in order to give birth to the first murderer, The lineage of miserable mannequins continues to swarm. Devoured with the eyes of a snake and the tongue of a serpent With this one encounter the melting empire trembles in fear.
  8. I forgot to mention my favorite poets are Dante Alighieri, Robert Frost, and John Milton. I prefer not to use rhyme schemes when I write poems because I feel this restricts the overall tone and its just gets messy for me, so I just write without restraints and try to have fun while I create a new nightmare.
  9. Garnet emblems of grandeur reflect the void of planetary destruction, Thirteen appendages rip through slimy skin and create catastrophic hurricanes Amphibian gills purify our unworthy air for their deviant purposes Visceral nails break through our lethargic sun in order to reach into our domain. It's time to praise our short lives while we remain trapped like moths, Under the glorious curtain pathetic attempts are conceived Tentacled arms embrace the dirty world in an attempt to infect the necrotic veins. Reject the ceremonious pinnacle of prayer and become one with the new shepherd Our harmony has pulled them out of their watery majesty Resurrect their sanctuary with scalding rituals. The time is ripe to ridicule the yearning savior Happily claiming that your soul will go to heaven, In my forbidden subconscious they whisper instructions. The aftermath of this perilous vengeance tears open the gap in our universe Scratching at the metaphysical stone of insanity so coexistence is possible. These gargantuan replicas of god's own error and confusion Sucked the life out with their hybrid mouths, The sin in our immortal souls powers these titans out of their ignorant cage. The gluttony of worship vanquishes my master into his sanctum Bringing into the light the disciplined prey. A biological gourmet of melting skin and bone explodes in front of my severed head, With these last seconds of life I see them feasting on us without mercy Loyal cult members turn into warm cattle for the timeless butchers. Survive long enough in order to record the straining legions paralyzed in submission. The involuntary distance that they traveled in order to devour us was for nothing, When there is a weapon powerful enough, they will forever sleep in turbulent waters.
  10. Exclude this requiem from the reckless Pied Piper Light the flame which sounds the commencement of a hungry sacrifice, Swing the sharp pendulum until this trance renders your visage unsafe. Tying up the loose ends in a paradox of insanity and lies The hurting sensations have arrived to complete their final task, Divine dominion housed my resurrection until it becomes my salvation. Trapping innocent children under the womb of a subtle melody My spirit ceases to sleep when it comes into contact with your weak mind, Ancient naturalism imitates my magic, embrace your mother one last time. Feast your eyes upon this grotesque dance Obey like a pale monkey that has been stabbed with a hundred fabled strings, Misery is eaten as if it were dreaming in the death throes of ecstasy. The quiet mortuary awakens with the sound of my grating tongue The silence of hell has been broken within a parade of animals, Communicate with your master as the trembling earth swallows you whole. Your true nature achieves a perfect pinnacle absent of all reason, Unleash your song in a locked circle of stiff arms Powering up the slave with the first melody of creation. These bells dangling from my sick blade take all those who deny their stained robes, Remorse is no longer a luxury you can afford to struggle with Raising the dead in their weakened state, sleep is only meant for those who pray. Taking over such a complex chemistry with my ravaged instrument You no longer look confused as you lower your head into the dirty well Your loved ones have fallen under a spell that is worse than witchcraft.
  11. Thank you for reading. My current influences are H.P Lovecraft, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and Clive Barker.

  12. Thanks, I try my best to evoke a strong theme with dark imagery, as a matter of fact H.P Lovecraft is one of my favorite horror writers.
  13. I must say, that is some brilliant poetry you've posted in the literature section. Whose your inspiration? It seems very Lovecraftian in many ways. Bravo.

  14. In the catalog of bestiality we find the source of this full course meal As long as you hold back you hunger your white apron will never be stained, Nurturing inhuman impulses until the night screams for glory. Reconcile with your emotions and teach them to watch the transgression of your madness The immense fortune that I gathered only ended in misery for the victim An elegant party of one reduced to feast on the pathetic attributes of passion. Your jail cannot contain me from creating forbidden fantasies Achieving transcendence as the succulent meat melts on the tip of your tongue, Constructing a vile assassin out of this worthless human. I remain invisible as I walk through the crowded streets, You're unable to smell the infusions of blood that I have just devoured. A revolting display sits on this silver platter, how can I justify my growing excitement? Maggots follow me as if I were their king into involuntary cannibalism, There is simply no prescription for the volatile disease that follows me into temptation. These essential habits that I carry doom me to an animal's existence Circumstances make it impossible for me to ever fall in love with another human. Every gesture you make gives me reason to think you want me feed on you, A cadaver with empty eyes lies on the floor before I even had a chance to say goodbye. I am a human guilty of taking away your luminous future, All I can think about is the macabre dessert that will await me when I arrive home.
  15. Translucent garments are dragged by a devious hand A face undergoes debridement, heaven’s therapy for the impure soldiers A song of torment removes me from mother’s bosom. The soulless jury stands above the cradle, unaffected by my hungry cries Relying on guilty principles, I am enslaved by the fall of man The basin overflows with dark water and vines of blood and tears of sadness bring me to hell. Obligated to serve an angelic doctor, I extract the patient’s blasphemy with a silver needle Immortal words are spoken through the lining of this white mask Call out to the young children by breaking open the fountains of ooze and decay. The sprouting of thorns brings leviathan closer to the rippling surface, Shredding the malleable walls of clay with its infernal vertebrae A superficial sky wavers, purifying the damned with a bounty of fire. Unsealed with the end of a shrieking melody, the white maidens crawl out of their temples Hideous deities in the shape of virgins and sirens, They vomit legions of parasites with an upheaval of internal combustion. The breaking of bones makes them drowsy and incoherent, My sword of flesh and sin is unsheathes, rusty in this arena bathed in moonlight The temples release their crawling infants, melancholic minions without love from their creator.
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