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  1. A couple of hours when I have free time from left over from watchin Its always sunny
  2. mmo wise I played Mu Online, I wish there was Fable online.
  3. Majora's Mask, but very close behind is Twilight because it was as big as MM.
  4. In the originals Squirtle if Red version, because of the growlithes, and Charmander if Blue. Sooo Charmander.
  5. N64 but I lost my damn GOLD MAJORAS MASk cart =(
  6. It wouldn't be wise of sony to give up one of it's three best exclusives, and besides its being developed for the next gen system.
  7. I kind of liked the speed, but wisdom form was awesome. How could it be in KH3?
  8. Drevan

    Donald or Goofy?

    Goofy barely ever died on me, so I gave him the best items
  9. Mickey as a third partner = O
  10. He might be playable in KH3 since he's been on the darkness beach where the others are. While Sora was there for only 10 minutes.
  11. Axel/Lea, I wonder if it'll turn out nobodies can feel.
  12. Drevan

    Namine Or Kairi?

    Namine, because I feel REALLY bad for Roxas =<
  13. Im 50/50 on this: SIGNS, if it's not it what do I do?
  14. Up to whats been dubbed in the anime, the Lee vs. Gaara fight was what ensured that they had the potential to pull off great fights. Now I just have to wait for Sasuke vs. Deidara
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