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  1. So ive really gotta find a new free game... ive been playing LoL for awhile and it just pisses me off more than anything now... can anyone please help me and my friends out with this
  2. I loved the series... Cant wait for a movie
  3. Probably Elfen Lied because i see people talking about it all the time
  4. Either the Aburame Clan because Shino is just a beast to me or the Hyuuga Clan because i love their fighting style
  5. Thanks guys it helps a lot
  6. I play with my roommates almost every night... i generally play amumu pantheon and graves... amumu is my favorite and best... im trying out kassadin now though
  7. IIght so this is the only time in my lufe that i had no idea what to watch next... im not trying to find and similar shows or any certain type... im getting bored and fast... can someone just hit me with something just amazing?
  8. To be honost i accidentally picked sakura when i really think tenten would win... really late and im tired just missed clicked... lol sorry
  9. 4890+18= 4908 i just have a few
  10. Wel i dont read manga so could i get an extra anime =P... but my anime would be Soul Eater... its funny with good fighting and it is pretty lengthy
  11. allnall93

    The meme game

    My roommates do that crap all the time Dan Den
  12. So i just watched Fruits Basket and i loved how it was just their day to day pretty much... what would yall recommend for a really good slice of life anime
  13. Bear... i really big armored polor bear
  14. i thought the genjutsu part of the sharingan was only obtained through killing your best friend... and i dont tthink the would be killing their clan members... if they did that would put them at a huge number disadvantage
  15. I would be from the village hidden in frost and i would have jutsus based on my kekkei genkai of unmeltable snow... my name would be Chomaru Mitarashi and i would have a summoning animal of a polar bear... a really big one
  16. as a clan vs clan fight i think the hyugas would win... with the speed of gentlefist i think they would beat the uchihas
  17. Fairy Tail Mirajane just died which made me sad... also Elfman and Evergreen just died... i have a feeling atleast one of them will come back though... i really hope so
  18. I got that same feeling about the black pantyhose... the show wasnt amazing but i thought it was pretty funny... it was enjoyable to me... i would watch it again
  19. I really really like it... its a serious anime with good fights... which ive only seen the first few episodes
  20. Fairy Tail every week... just started Fate Zero and its amazing... really serious and has great fights... kinda like FMA to me
  21. I watched and loved cowboy bebop... ive also seen trigun and outlaw star which are similar to it... im looking for another bounty hunter outlaw shooter anime to watch... any ideas
  22. I like the old tie them down to a chair and tape their eyes open approach... nah jk... but really... i hate when people say animes are stupid but then go and watch nickalodean or disney channe or something... really aggravates me
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