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  1. Id say no to torrents, many less popular series would have little to no seeds and would be impossible to download, that and torrents are slow by standard. They also are quite unsafe. Try; - JumboFiles - Wupload
  2. Porn, yes. Hentai, no. Hentai creeps me out, lol.
  3. Imagining is fine and theres really no limits to it because what you think of only you will know and its a gain with no loss situation where else if you actualy did what you thought of it could hurt some peoples feelings. And its not like us guys dont do it all the time
  4. Just finished downloading S-Cry-Ed and now getting Blood+.
  5. Was carrying a stack of 8 laptops and dropped one T_T...
  6. Once a month. Dont smoke cigs tho and never will. To all people saying weed is super bad may I suggest watching a movie called Super High Me. It will debunk some myths about weed for ya.
  7. Maes Hughes from fma. I look like him
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