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  1. ff8 for sure.. everyone kept talking about ff7 and how awesome it was.. i started playing 8 first regardless.. and was hooked.. but i got up to end of the 3rd disc i had to find the "white seed ship" which was nowhere to be found.. i duno if the disk was scratched or wat but my mate had the same problem couldnt find it anywhere searched for hours...
  2. anyone played suikoden 1 or 2.. and didnt think it was the best game ever... i played them years ago.. till this day nothing has come close, best story line best gameplay - graphics arnt the best but it doesnt matter at all because the gameplay n storyline are so awesome.. haha i get nostalgic everytime i think about that game.
  3. hes just deadly.. hes got so many abilities the tat on his face his lifechanging perspective his just mean AHAH
  4. gaara vs rock lee the episode where they try to find the beetle to trace sasuke's scent.. and naruto farts on it AHAHAHAHHA
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