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  1. starfox14

    Favorite Zelda Game?

    Twilight Princes and Ocarina of Time
  2. starfox14

    Which console do you have own?

    i own a Ps3,ps2, wii, gamecube, gameboy advance sp, psp, nintendo 64, super nintendo, atari, dreamcast, add on me on ps3; D ask for the name if you want
  3. starfox14

    who is the most awesome character

    Grimjaw is best well to me
  4. starfox14

    MW3 vs BF3

    bf3 is best in my opinion
  5. starfox14

    what is your best racing game?

    I would have to say need for speed most wanted for the ps2
  6. no problem buddy its going okay going to visit a friend that came out of the hospital.. Hows your weekend going?; D

  7. Hey, thanks for the friend request! : D

    How is your weekend going? How are you?

  8. Add me if you like:D PSN: SpaceMonkeyBob69
  9. starfox14

    Favorite Game?

    Catherine all the way:3
  10. tell me your opinion on Higurashi if you decide to watch it, ok

  11. starfox14

    Who can beat Goku?

    idk but i want to see him fight rock lee:D or Guy!!
  12. starfox14

    Naruto Movies

    when does the next naruto movie comes out?
  13. starfox14

    What animes have made you cry?

    tegami bachi is all cry but i love it
  14. starfox14

    What animes have made you cry?

    bleach can be sad as well