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  1. Shard

    Favourite Color in MTG

    I have two combos i really like firstly i have my Green/ White populate deck nothing like seeing your opponents face when you keep spawning 8/8 tokens with vigilance every other turn (depending on the cards drawn/ on the field maybe every turn). And the other deck colors i have is a Black/ Blue deck which is all about the grind milling that being said i once had a 53/53 creature on the field alongside a 23/23 2 manna creature (Wight of precinct six and consuming aberration if you want to know). Atm though im working on boosting the power of my red/ black deck.
  2. Shard

    Anyone play Magic: the Gathering?

    I just recently got into it and thankfully I have a few friends who are also into it so I can vs them. In fact i got one of my room mates into it so I tend to vs him every second day and if i don't vs him i normally catch up with my other friends every week to play out a few games.
  3. Shard

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Dishonored came out three days ago where i live and ive already completed it twice once normal once on hard now going through it on Extra hard =-)
  4. Shard

    How did you find this website ?

    Through a link from English Dub Kingdom a sister site i believe while looking for English dubbed anime
  5. many of time i have gone all on my lonesome but it adds a different experience when you go with a group of mates
  6. Shard

    how dark is your dark side?

    Hmmmm if i had to place it anywhere on the scale i would be 100/100 capable of true evil the like that would leave the world and those who believe there close to me either broken or scared for life but hey i really lazy so that'll never happen way to much effort involved =-P
  7. Shard

    Good Versus Evil [Part 2]

    -2 =494....
  8. Shard

    What animes have made you cry?

    Fairy Tale especially the touching bits involving Lucy
  9. Shard

    How dare you!

    how dare you be drunk when im not
  10. Shard

    Word Association

    Newmoon because theres no way im accepting them as vampires
  11. Shard


    Kurt Sutter a name of a live famous person for the five letter game
  12. Shard

    Obvious thing about the member above

    Is Jealous of our Grand Nation
  13. Shard

    Avatar Rating!

    10/10 the most kick a** of all villian
  14. Shard

    Five Letters

    Death Is coming Kurt Sutter (are you allowed to use a persons name in which case last two words if not) Did I copy Karma Sutra CVBUT
  15. Shard

    Article About Introverts

    I must say that after reading this im mostly introverted as i find it really difficult to start talking to and interacting with new people but that being said once ive managed to break the ice after meeting them a couple of times i feel more at ease although seeing as my personallity is that of the s***-stirrer who likes to puss the boutndrys of what people find acceptable that being said as soon as i get a few drinks under my belt that i can then latter blame my behaviour on i go full out extrovert that being said anyone not of age reading this dont take up drink hangovers are a dam pain so i guess that makes me an extrovert with an introverted complex