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  1. Can somebody recommend me a good anime, something that keeps you on the edge of the seat wandering what's gonna happen next, something with a little mystery? Preferably not a long running series. Hope I'm not too vague...
  2. I played the first one recently, but I dropped it because I'm too much of a graphics whore :)

    They probably expect that a lot of people didn't play those, so we probably won't miss too much. The story is set before the first two games.

  3. Yeah, I liked Dragon Age 2 as well. I'm waiting for the new Deus Ex, but who knows when I'm going to play it. My PC here is crappy so I'll have to wait till mid-September to play it. As for the lurking part, I'm not very good at writing long posts, so I rarely participate in discussions...

  4. Good, resting and enjoying myself as much as possible. Well summers are like that, you know...

    I mostly lurk around here, no new games so I play the older ones.

  5. Because I like a good story in any shape or form, and because it's different from all the stuff from the West.
  6. Well, overdose is a risk you take when you do drugs. I don't really miss her, and I think she would be forgotten very soon as her music was ok, but not very groundbreaking to be remembered. We will probably see a sharp increase of popularity as the music industry will exploit her death, and soon after you won't even remember her. All I can think of is: Will Charlie Sheen be next to overdose?
  7. I don't know much about this case, but look at it this way. EVERYONE knows she's guilty, nobody would probably give her a job, and people will know her anywhere she goes. I think her life will be a living hell.
  8. Hey, It's been a little crazy for me these days (or months), studying, doing exams and all. Now I'm just waiting for the results to see if I got into the university/college/whatever. I haven't watched anything anime related for ages now, must try to fix that...

  9. The STALKER series and Metro 2033 are very atmospheric, Half-Life of course, Crysis is ok, but I heard they messed up the story in the 2nd one, Call of Juarez if you like westerns, No One Lives Forever 1 and 2 are great if you can stand the now dated graphics. Far Cry is ok, too. Singularity is similar to Bioshock, maybe check that out. It really depends of your definition of a good story.
  10. L.A. Noire is getting a PC release! Yay! http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/06/23/l-a-noire-announced-for-pc/#more-63344
  11. NTK

    Black Ops Haters

    I guess because the CoD franchise didn't try anything new since the first MW. Short campaign, story was meh (in my opinion), it felt more like a movie than a video game. Firing the guys who made the MW and MW2 didn't help it's popularity either. Overall, it felt like I played the same game already.
  12. Is that from Cute Overload? I love that site
  13. NTK

    Scariest Game

    STALKER : Shadow of Chernobyl probably. I don't really like scary games.
  14. I give it one more season till it gets the axe.
  15. Well it would help if you say what kind of movies are you into or not, to narrow it down a bit
  16. Just watched The Fighter and it was good. That Christian Bale sure can act a scumbag...
  17. tnx, you're welcome to spam my wall anytime :)

  18. Did someone catch any of the episodes? How was it like? Was it faithful to the books?
  19. I read on IMDB that Nolan intended that the ending is a part of reality. And it really started to wobble before the end.
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