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  1. Can somebody recommend me a good anime, something that keeps you on the edge of the seat wandering what's gonna happen next, something with a little mystery? Preferably not a long running series. Hope I'm not too vague...
  2. i thought graphic whores wanted a shitload of hardware to run, not the opposite

  3. I played the first one recently, but I dropped it because I'm too much of a graphics whore :)

    They probably expect that a lot of people didn't play those, so we probably won't miss too much. The story is set before the first two games.

  4. Deus Ex 3, i havent even played the first two, ever.

    And oh well there is always the chatbox

  5. Yeah, I liked Dragon Age 2 as well. I'm waiting for the new Deus Ex, but who knows when I'm going to play it. My PC here is crappy so I'll have to wait till mid-September to play it. As for the lurking part, I'm not very good at writing long posts, so I rarely participate in discussions...

  6. yea i noticed, the lurking part.

    why no new games, i thought somethong worthy would come out surely. I just played Dragon Age 2 and i was very content

  7. Good, resting and enjoying myself as much as possible. Well summers are like that, you know...

    I mostly lurk around here, no new games so I play the older ones.

  8. eh, man, how's life? this place is kind of boring this time of year, dont you think

  9. Because I like a good story in any shape or form, and because it's different from all the stuff from the West.
  10. Well, overdose is a risk you take when you do drugs. I don't really miss her, and I think she would be forgotten very soon as her music was ok, but not very groundbreaking to be remembered. We will probably see a sharp increase of popularity as the music industry will exploit her death, and soon after you won't even remember her. All I can think of is: Will Charlie Sheen be next to overdose?
  11. I don't know much about this case, but look at it this way. EVERYONE knows she's guilty, nobody would probably give her a job, and people will know her anywhere she goes. I think her life will be a living hell.
  12. yeah, exams are pain, good luck with them results

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