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  1. Please add/upload Naruto Shippuden Episodes 191-199 720p DUB MP4s.

  2. On the dual Audio download thread here on Kametsu the 720P episodes of this batch (episode 141 - 153) are ready for download! For the ones that only want to watch naruto in the best quality possible, grab them!!!
  3. Because the story already caught me after the first episode!!
  4. Me too, but hey, sometimes good guys have to die to in great stories like Naruto, because if they wouldn't, it would be a bit boring don't ya think?
  5. Hehe yeah, because after those episodes, they won't be needing his voice no more:happy:


  7. Thanks alot! Quality is great! Gonna enjoy this one:)

  8. Holy balls, i just watched the german dubs. Their hilarious XD
  9. Definelty Itachi Uchiha. He did everything to bring peace to the world, even killing his own clan. That's what makes him the freakin' man!
  10. Naruto for sure! And if Ichigo is winning, suddenly Sasuke comes up and saves naruto and kills Ichigo with his Mangyeko Sharingan. The Naruto and Sasuke are friends again and Sasuke returns to the leaf. End of story
  11. Haha, ja jonga! Dat gaat inderdaad niet makkelijk! Veel succes!

  12. snap hier echt de ballen van zeg.... en ik heb die boxjes erin zitten, wat een kanker werk dat lassen en boren en al die troep zeg:P

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