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  1. the games looks allrigth but the game play is way to slow i wish they make the next game more like DBz they should make the fighthing style a bit faster
  2. 1. Bleach 2. DBZ 3. Angel Beast 4. Soul Eater
  3. is kind of hard to compare them cause we dun actually speak japanese and we dun understand what the hell they are saying unless we watch it with sub. so i dun tink you can compare them unless you speak both lenguages
  4. Grimmjow may not be the strongets Espadas but he did show a really good figth
  5. how do i watch anime ?...well firstly i download them then i put it into a portable USB then i put it n my ps3 or on my laptop , cause wathing it on tv takes way to long and wacthing it online something te vide has to be loading and that's annoying
  6. rigth now i am playing Nostale i have bee playig that game for a while nw , is really fun and if any one wants t play let me know i can help you out .
  7. 2-4 anime episode during normal school day , but during weekends or holydays i watch like 8-20 episodes per day
  8. Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Eater
  9. Super Nintendo - Super Mario Bros
  10. i think almost everyones favourite jutsu is sexy jutsu but is kind of useless for figthing
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