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  1. I have been watching Black Blood Brothers, D Grayman and devil may cry
  2. I would probably say Beyblade Metal Fusion and D Grayman!!!
  3. Some of those animes and characters I never heard of and we have some in common too!
  4. Yeah I would agree I really balled when he died it was so depressing.
  5. Anyone going to Animaritimes in July??? I know I am and I cannot wait it is going to be a blast!!!!! I usually dont cosplay but I love looking at other people's and buying lots of stuff!!!!
  6. I know there are several awesome male anime/manga characters out there in this big anime/manga universe!!!!! Well from the top of my head my top 10 would be: 1. Edward Elric(FMA) 2.Allen Walker(DGrayman) 3.Kira Yamoto(Gundam seed and Gundam Seed Destiny) 4.Athran Zala(Gundam Seedand Gundam Seed Destiny) 5.Ritsuka(Loveless) 6.Zero(Vampire Knight) 7.Inu-Yasha(Inu-Yasha) 8.Lelouch(Code Geass) 9.Sebastian(Kuroshitsuji or Black butler) 10.Train Heartnet(Black Cat) Yours?
  7. Well my favourite is Edward Elric the one and only Fullmetal Alchemist!!!! He doesn't like milk like I do and his anger when people call him short is hilarious!
  8. I have been rewatching FMA and also Gundam Seed and Yu-gi-Oh 5D'S and definetly Beyblade Metal Fusion on Saturdays when the third and last are on live tv the rest I am downloading or finished downloading.
  9. Thank u ur the first that has welcomed me so thank u!!!!! very much!!!

  10. Thank u very much for the friend request!!!

  11. welcome to kametsu! enjoy your stay, this is an awesome community! Hope to see you around!

  12. I would say Gundam seed because in opinion I havent looked at the other too so I would go with Seed because I know it
  13. The most recent anime I finished watching was Black Butler or kuroshitsuji which was really good and it was the first season lol!!!
  14. Hummmm this is a hard question.....I would admit I would say in my opinion they seem to be mostly interesting characters.... I would say only anime I dont like have the bad characters but most I do so its hard to say.
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