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  1. Its perfectly fine.. its just we are made to think its not.. so girls only watch a certain type.. and guys another.. the truth is.. the choice of genre depends on an individual..
  2. yeah.. sometimes... but then again.. the whole world is like that.. :-/
  3. Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi..
  4. Kuroshitsuji.. 6/10.. funny and enjoyable.. but the plot is not all that good.. but enjoyable..
  5. can't stop laughing... this is geniuss..
  6. I think there are lot of animes on mmorpgs.. like .hack n all
  7. sounds interesting.. definitely going to check this one out..
  8. I was in 5th grade and while surfing channels I found a 'cartoon' with a pretty girl and a hot guy.. it attracted me, the drawing style that is.. and then I found.. its mature.. to me, I was watching kissing in a 'cartoon' and love.. intense love.. just the right amount to tickle my adolescence years.. thats when i stopped liking all other cartoons and got hooked into anime.. my first anime.. 'Curious Play'
  9. definitely tsunade.. :P I am a lot like her!
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