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  1. solanki

    Is It So Wrong? And Who Thinks This Way?

    Its perfectly fine.. its just we are made to think its not.. so girls only watch a certain type.. and guys another.. the truth is.. the choice of genre depends on an individual..
  2. solanki

    Favorite Anime Military Character

    Roy Mustang.. :D
  3. yeah.. sometimes... but then again.. the whole world is like that.. :-/
  4. solanki

    The greatest Ninja/Samurai Anime

    Rurouni Kenshin.. all the way..
  5. solanki

    English dubbed harem/ecchi anime

    Ranma 1/2, Please teacher..
  6. solanki

    sad deaths?

    Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi..
  7. solanki

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Kuroshitsuji.. 6/10.. funny and enjoyable.. but the plot is not all that good.. but enjoyable..
  8. solanki

    100 rules of anime

    can't stop laughing... this is geniuss..
  9. solanki

    Anime based off mmorpgs?

    I think there are lot of animes on mmorpgs.. like .hack n all
  10. solanki

    /r/Anime's favorite bada$$es

    Nakago, Dr. Jackal
  11. solanki

    Panty Stocking and Garterbelt...?

    sounds interesting.. definitely going to check this one out..
  12. solanki

    English dubbed harem/ecchi anime

    desire climax, love celeb
  13. I was in 5th grade and while surfing channels I found a 'cartoon' with a pretty girl and a hot guy.. it attracted me, the drawing style that is.. and then I found.. its mature.. to me, I was watching kissing in a 'cartoon' and love.. intense love.. just the right amount to tickle my adolescence years.. thats when i stopped liking all other cartoons and got hooked into anime.. my first anime.. 'Curious Play'
  14. solanki

    Who is your beloved naruto character

    Killer Bee! \m/
  15. solanki

    Who is your faviorite kuinochi?

    definitely tsunade.. :P I am a lot like her!