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  1. I guess he did but if I were the person making this anime I would not make him die since he was good in the beginning.
  2. Kon, he is annoying and there is not point for him being in the anime.
  3. I don't think they should get powers because that would mean almost everyone has powers in the show.
  4. Yub100


    If your looking for a funimation dub. Then it will probably come within a year or two after it has become subbed. They take so long to dub it, but I think other companies would dub it within a year.
  5. Ichigo's dad did not loss his powers. I bet they're going to make him fight someone later on.
  6. Ichigo vs Aizen is the best so far.
  7. My favorite is Ichigo's just b/c of his final genugatenso
  8. Yub100

    I hate Naruto

    I would say that I like to watch Naruto, but I guess it's the fillers or just the pointless episodes that show up. So, I'll have to kinda agree with you. Although I still like watching Naruto when I'm bored and I like the action in the episodes.
  9. I don't think the 4th hokage was Naruto's dad. Because in the beginning of the episodes they talk a lot about Naruto not having any parents. If not then I don't know because I am just starting on Shippuden.
  10. I think it's right after the 5th hokage is picked, maybe a little after that. For the regular Naruto episodes. You will notice when there are pointless lands, battles, or if they go on pointless missions.
  11. I think that the 4th hokage was alive when the 3rd was a kid. Then the 4th died when the 3rd was becoming a hokage so, they didn't need to choose a 5th since there was already a hokage.
  12. When are we talking about the regular episodes or shippuden? If shippuden I would say Naruto, but Sasuke is way cooler then Naruto
  13. I'm all on Naruto, Naruto can beat DBZ because if they use spirit bomb it takes like forever to create it giving Naruto a chance to attack. Also DBZ's attacks and abilities can be easily dogged.
  14. I don't have a favorite episode, they're all good!
  15. That is a close match. I would say that Rock Lee might win because of his opening gates
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