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  1. I played around with curves as you suggested and this is how it turned out. Thoughts?
  2. hey i would like to know your thoughts on this Sig bear in mind I'm new to Photoshop and graphics in general.
  3. I completely agree that who i thought he was untill he said he was tying to kill himself and just wanted to use the phone lol
  4. i vote for [like] Steins;Gate Bakuman Cross Game Shion no Ou Major Special A Working!!
  5. definitely action, comedy, romance
  6. Yeah it's Luna from Moonphase.

  7. hey sicka just out of curiosity is your sig and avatar out of moonphase?

  8. mine was supermario mario allstars for snes
  9. i believe what your speaking of about naruto are fillers
  10. he put the sharingan on the FF guy
  11. Thanks tommorrow i will go though my list of watched anime and let you know likes and dislikes
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