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  1. diarma86

    One Piece

    Great series, a serious "how-to" on world building and character development, that is as good as any TV show out there that I've seen. Struggling with Fishman Island atm, seems like the big money rolling in was starting to take it's toll on the show. (spoiler alert: too much money/success ruins anything).
  2. I should probably have edited this to say "...hang around here mumbling about how anime isn't as good as it used to be" I think visiting this site is about a change in mindset more than anything else. Regarding piracy, I have a brown belt in Google Fu, I'll be fine
  3. Ahh, this all explains my bookmarks... that I've not checked for xx amount of months... I was also an old C-W visitor from back in 2011, that site taught me all about encoding, what an MKV was, x264 (and of course x265) etc, but of course I was there for the downloads. I was unemployed at the time it was a treat to chill out away from the stresses of the real world which is something that anime is quite unique at doing compared to other forms of entertainment. Many thanks for all the great content over the past 8 years or so.,.. looks like I'll just have to hang around mumbling about 'ow things arent wut they used to be.... Cheers!
  4. Arcade version of Rainbow Islands. It's a work of genius.
  5. Since you listed Trigun (v good) and Samurai Champloo (also v good) , you obviously need to see Cowboy Bebop (if you haven't already) and then you need to see - Outlaw Star... ... And while you're at it Photon - the idiot adventures. It's the best anime ever in the history of all things.
  6. 1. GitS series 2. Cowboy Bebop 3. Trigun 4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (original series) 5. Photon : The Idiot Adventures 6. Rurouni Kenshin 7. Gurren Lagann 8. Outlaw Star 9. Slayers 10. One Piece
  7. I'll second Photon: The Idiot Adventures. Really massively overlooked. Excellent production values, only 6 episodes so it doesn't wear out its welcome and it has a proper end. It's also one of the most quotable and funniest animes I've ever seen.
  8. Bioshock. Not just great gameplay but a story and mythos that sucked you in. For gameplay mechanics alone - Counter Strike 1.6 - tight controls that still play amazingly well.
  9. reiterating funkycold - but your list would suggest Ergo Proxy would be an easy sell. If you want lighter sci-fi fare then Cowboy Bebop really needs to be watched since you don't seem to hate older animes.
  10. If you are new to anime then you need to see Akira. Everyone who likes anime needs to see Akira at least once. Dismissing it because of age is to miss the point of anime in the first place. i.e. It doesn't go out of date.
  11. I too hail from Cartoon World! Currently enjoying :- One Piece, on episode 100 now, it deserves all the praise it gets. Saber Marionette J - classic harem Ghost Slayers Ayashi - this is a struggle.
  12. Dragonforce for the Sega Saturn. Brilliant game and an anime lover's dream.
  13. I'm looking forward to so many - 2011 is a great year for games. Duke Nukem Forever - I know it'll be average, but it looks outrageous. Brink - look fiiine Rage - iD software and new IP = win. Bioshock Infinite looks AMAZING. Aliens Colonial Marines though, due out on 2012, will own every game ever. Unless you have not seen Aliens. Then you won't know what I'm talking about. Watch Aliens, then gasp in (hopefully) awe as Aliens gets the game it has needed for soooo long.
  14. Deadspace was scary at first, simply because you were not used to the scares - and the best scares were in the first few hours. Other than that, Doom 3 was too scary to play without the torch AND gun mod
  15. Ok people, All of you, get a PSX emulator and Grandio ISOs and play the original, it's fantastic, great gameplay and battles that do not get old, great characters and great graphics, they still look good today - unlike Grandia II. I played Grandia on the Saturn, along with the Digital Museum - TDM can be played without knowing any japanese as there is no real story - you are just fighting monsters, and it's great fun. The original Grandia is quite simply one of the best games I've ever played.
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