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  1. So i need help finding a song on iTunes, its the opening song from deadman wonderland, one reason, the only information i can find anywhere is that its by DWB or deadman wonderband and fade, best song ever, need to find, please help!!!

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    2. (AC)


      just search for the ost tracklist and you will get it there

    3. KiraIsGod


      I searched for one reason, fade, dwb, deadman wonderband, deadman wonderland. And whats the ost tracklist

    4. (AC)


      Type in dead man wonderland animeost then you can download the full ost from the website

  2. So i just got done watching fairy tail, and theres alot of unanswered questions, so if you tell me theres no season 2, im gonna start hitting people.

    1. DeathTheKid


      It'll be back just no one knows when. It's the same thing Bleach did.

    2. KiraIsGod


      Do they have a release date, cause Netflix only had like 48 episodes.

  3. Does anyone know the order in the fma franchise, between fullmetal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, and both movies the conqueror of shamballa and the sacred star of Milos.

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    2. osborn_2009



      After you can watch the Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos movie . This is a stand-alone movie. None of the events in it affect the main story--actually it's not in the manga. You can actually watch it after episode 20 of Brotherhood if you want since that's when it would take place chronologically. But the movie was physically made after Brotherhood finished.

    3. KiraIsGod


      well damn, thank you, that is a great help.

    4. osborn_2009
  4. how many people have sword art online or SAO for short, im watching the toonami version, on the second episode, damn it looks like another favorite.

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    2. lemmingllama


      I won't spoil anything, but the series isn't all its cracked up to be

    3. lolrawr


      Yeah I watched it crash and burn on MAL. I'm ready for it.

    4. KiraIsGod


      so far ive heard great things about it, so i guess ill wait and see, but it one of my dreams to be inside of a video game.

  5. has anyone played warhammer dawn of war 1, i cant figure out what disc 2 and 3 are for, and i also cant get an online patch to download, any help would be appreciated.

  6. so whats the verdict, yay or nay on the season 2.
  7. does kametsu get the real life anime movie, like the last airbender, dragonball or the rurouni kenshin real life movies.

    1. lemmingllama


      Everything that is posted here is uploaded by the users. So you would need to request them. However, hollywood stuff is more strictly enforced so I doubt they would be up for long.

    2. KiraIsGod


      ok well thanks.

  8. So I got 2 free guest passes for STAR CRAFT 2 and WORLD OF WARCRAFT when I bought Star Craft 2 wings of liberty, as far as Star Craft 2 and this spawning thing, you can get my wings of liberty for free on your account, as far as World of War craft you can go to level 20, 13 different characters, I have 4 different characters. I also have the Diablo 3 starter account, for that one I have 2 accounts. Message me if you’re interested.

  9. so if you cant find what you need here, not that they dont have a very extensive collection, but theres few they cant find or havent uploaded yet http://bakabt.me./

    1. JohnFlower


      i thought that was general knowledge :\

      bakabt are a bunch of chumps anyways. and t hey don't have any funimation dubbed shows. you're better off looking on nyaa, or actually visiting the encoders website/irc channel.

    2. KiraIsGod


      i dont know whats wrong with that website, i think they can only have so many people on the website at one time.

  10. new black kametsu, me like.

  11. can someone help me find High School of the Dead, i typed high school of the dead and searched through all the post that had high school of the dead in it, Please Help!!!!!!!

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    2. KiraIsGod


      i couldnt understand the irc stuff, ive been using mipony for it.

    3. Koby


      IRC is a simple copy/paste.

    4. KiraIsGod


      thats what i like about mipony

  12. would anyone recommend tenchi muyo gxp, there playing it on adult swim, but i like to watch series in order, but kametsu doesnt have any of them.

    1. lolrawr


      Lol I haven't seen any of the other shows in the series, but I'm watching it anyway.

  13. Dont have the money to take it in. 250 gb hdd, 2 gb ddr2 ram, windows 7 home premium, amd sempron si-32.
  14. am i the only one who thinks its pretty twisted that 99.99% of anime have way better love lifes.

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    2. AxelVIII


      I believe this might be Kiras point: Anime relationships will always be better than the relationships in this world. @Drum, Personally I have actually wondered what one of those kind of relationships was like.lol.

    3. KiraIsGod


      @axel, i know, it just sucks.

    4. Malyssa Rahl

      Malyssa Rahl

      The problem with anime relationships, is that there is always some weirdo coming along to try to steal, murder, molest, or mutilate one or both of those involved. ALWAYS! It's totally a rule or something!

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