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  1. Hoathy


    Yeah it'll be worth waiting for
  2. The humor and the characters. Plus waiting for the inevitable moment when Naruto kicks some serious butt
  3. I'm still stuck playing EVE but I'm keen to check out Tera Online
  4. I couldn't see this posted yet so if you haven't seen it check it out.
  5. Tifa. Mostly because Aeris annoys me ;P
  6. Kingdom of Amalur - Reckoning. And lovin it too
  7. Maxing out all my characters in FF VII. Oh and the golden chocobo
  8. Yeah I'd be keen to check it out again
  9. FF VII on the PS1. It was actually the first game I hired for myself from the video store. I was drawn in by the fact it had so many disks. After playing it all night I was hooked and have never looked back.
  10. Hoathy

    Tera Online

    Did anyone play much of the Tera beta? From the videos I like what I'm seeing but id be interested in knowing what someone whos played it thinks.
  11. This is more of a reintroduction. I've been absent from the forums for a while but I'm back. Thanks to everyone who makes this place awesome!
  12. Haven't watched enough to say really, but I really liked the Ch┼źnin exams story arc
  13. I've only tried the free demo from xbox live. Pretty keen to give it a real go
  14. Just finished Portal 2. Awesome game, but could be longer
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