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  1. I really just need to know how to join shaqsalazar's channel, and where to find the packlists. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! I did it once a long time ago, but I don't use IRC much, so I forgot. I know this has been asked already, but the previous thread didn't answer my specific question. Thanks for any help you guys can give! Was looking to watch this: http://kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/37972-xdccshaqsalazar-moribito-the-guardians-of-the-spirit-bd-1080pdual-audio8-bit/
  2. I'm here. Just busy with school, but I have the code saved since my last update just before the site temporarily went down, and I'll fix it up. So keep the votes going.
  3. Thought the site went down. Will update today or tomorrow. Glad it's still here. Back to my anime cave!
  4. If you look at the bottom of the tallied votes post there is a quotation showing the most recent post tallied If you click the arrow beside the name it will link you to it And I just updated it so it should link to ----v [mrheihachi's post] YES!!! MOAR HAtE!!!!
  5. Wow My favourite video taken down! Mustve been recent because I watch it often Heres a good one -Bx0dEYiDYw?hd=1
  6. Post some up I love em! I get a lot of good songs from them too Ill start it off with this 00HYMGiArDk
  7. Yeah but that filler list is out of date now We want to know about episodes 220+ Ive skimmed them [220-226] and they all seem like filler so I didnt watch And Im still waiting to see what happened with Kabuto and Toby in 221
  8. Young man and the sea [episode 223] was pretty meh
  9. I never see it discussed. I haven't watched it, but I just saw this AMV, and it looks amazing. LoJk7vi5ZSg
  10. I thought the fight scenes were a lot better in the movies.
  11. Cool, thanks. That answer will answer future questions too.
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