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  1. No no. You can mention any jutsu you like. I'm sorry if I phrased it otherwise. Actually, I was hoping for you guys to give your own list of strongest jutsu and also to correct any mistakes that I might have made in my list.
  2. Yes, its a great jutsu indeed. But I made the orders judging the overall effects of a jutsu. Since its a self sacrificing jutsu just like the Shiki Fujin, I didnt place either of them here.
  3. O man, I totally forgot about that. Thanks for the comment. I'll add it now.
  4. Hey guys, I saw this topic in almost all Naruto Forums so thought that I would post it here. Feel free to give your own thoughts as well. Note that my predictions are all based on the current manga. So here its is: 20. Kirin 19. Summoning: Crushing Toad’s Stomach 18. Dust Release: Atomic Dismantling 17. Tsukyomi 16. Rasenshuriken 15. Amaterasu 14. Mitotic Regeneration: One Hundred Healing 13. Flying Thunder God 12. Susanoo 11. Bijuu Dama 10. Gedo Mazo 09. Kamui 08. Shinra Tensei 07. Chibaki Tensei 06. Shattered Heaven 05. Perfect Susanoo 04. Shinsuusenju 03. Edo Tensei 02. Naruto’s Kyuubi Chakra Transfer 01. Creation of all things
  5. I think Naruto getting a power boost and even The Hokages joining the battle is necessary. Remember, the ten tails is not yet complete. So who knows how powerful it will become. So after the ten tails attains full power, I cant think of anything other than a combination of Naruto, Hashirama and Sasuke (depends on what he decides) to stop it.
  6. Hey guys, we already know that Minato sealed half of the Kyuubi's chakra within Naruto and the rest half within himself and was sealed off in the Reaper Death Seal for eternity. But things have changed now. The Four Hokage are revived by Orochimaru in the latest manga and the First Hokage is trying to talk some sense into Sasuke. So after this, if Orochimaru lets them enter the war like he said he would, do u think there is a possibility of Naruto getting the other half of the Kyuubi Chakra form Minato? I mean, before there was a question of controlling that much power but now since the Kyuubi is on Naruto's side and Minato is revived, i dont think anything is stopping that outcome. What do you guys think?
  7. It was a crazy panel lol awesome though for sure. Cant wait to see that animated actually. Did anyone else think it looked like a Sage Mode was used by Hashirama? It looked like it to me. What do y'all think? It didnt look like a Sage mode, it was one. Hashirama shouted senpou (meaning Sage Art) when using the ten thousand arms jutsu. Anyways, his version of Sage mode is on a whole other level. It literally took him a few seconds to enter Sage mode. Thats inhuman.
  8. http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/621 The latest chapter is awesome. Finally able to understand why Hashirama is called God of Shinobi. Anyways, dont wanna spoil it for others so see it for yourself.
  9. Just keep watching the series. When the time for a movie arrives, u will see the add in the opening song.
  10. Let me give the specs: Size: 900x400 Text: Anime Utopia (At the top) Background: Anything that fits best (I was hoping a sky like background) P.S. Please put Lelouch in the middle. And If it becomes difficult to add all the characters, u decide on which ones to remove Anyways, thanks in advance. This I can do mate, though it may be awhile as I can only be on the internet for the next 2 weeks when Im at my parents place and thats on weekends such as today. Thanks man. And dont worry about the delay. Take all the time u need.
  11. Hey man, this is an out of the book request. So, if it's not the place to request it, just ignore it. Well, I need a cover for a facebook group. So I have a bunch of renders of different characters and I want u to place them all together in a nice bracgound. Here's the renders: https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836162105383679730?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836165330018210690?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836165529631819202?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836165645908105490?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836165770247198370?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836165888298315026?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836165996979096578?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836166107568391586?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836166313115513650?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836166438704081666?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836166572585184162?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE https://plus.google.com/photos/105583632675104023910/albums/5682524212831541441/5836166757891614242?banner=pwa&authkey=CJuOufC3tdKE8gE Let me give the specs: Size: 900x400 Text: Anime Utopia (At the top) Background: Anything that fits best (I was hoping a sky like background) P.S. Please put Lelouch in the middle. And If it becomes difficult to add all the characters, u decide on which ones to remove Anyways, thanks in advance.
  12. So, I just finished this new Anime Btoom. I thought it was great. It kinda reminded me of Jyu-oh-Sei. Anyways, the stroy is only half complete. So, anyone have any idea if/when they are gonna make a second season?
  13. Last Animes I completed are: Fate/zero: An excellent Anime in my opinion. Much better than Fate stay Night. I recommend to anyone who wants goodstory and action. Sword Art Online: In my opinion, this Anime could have been a lot better. It was moving too fast. But still, its worth watching I guess.
  14. Are u talking about Neji's gentle fist. If so, then no, Lee can never learn it bcoz it requires the Byakugan to see the enemy's chakra points. Now onto the main topic. I agree with Koby that during the chunin exams, Neji would have dominated Rock Lee. Im not saying any details here coz Koby's explanation is enough I think. And I also agree with some other posts saying Neji's growth totally stopped after the Chunin exams. If they were to fight now, I would definitely give my vote to Rock Lee.
  15. It's pretty obvious actually. The other eye is a transplanted one. It cant be turned off nor does it have the Kamui Mangekyou power. And about who he got it from, it could be a random Uchiha. But I think it will reveal to be Madara himself. When he is about to die, Madara will give Tobi his eye and entrust Tobi with his plans.
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