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  1. The guild is up, please message anyone in the guild About Damn Time. and tell them I sent you, and you'll be invited in.
  2. There is only one PvE server, we are playing republic on it, and we are thinking of launching a empire guild sometime soon, possibly on the PvP server
  3. And Oceanic servers are now up and running! We will have the guild active in a few days, so if you want to come play with friends and Kametsu members send me a PM or email!
  4. I hope that they make another battlefront, Loved both of the games so far, but I'm going save getting my hopes up until its announced, i've been through waits like this. but i hope they make it.
  5. You can, at least you could. it could be too late now with it being out in a week.
  6. Here is our "website" http://aboutdamntimeguild.wordpress.com/ yeah its a blogsite but its free and easy to operate. please take a look and email me if you want.
  7. Rune, of course you'll be welcome. J-Lord, as will you and your friends and brothers. the more the better. Forest, most MMO's will be buggy on release. and there is rarely good endgame upon release
  8. get your butt into gear and talk to some people!

  9. What server we play on will depend on what Bioware, Lucas arts and EA do in the way of aussie servers. If they host our servers in Aus then we will play on those servers, if not it will be upto discussion
  10. Hi all. Once SWTOR is released in Australia properly I will be running a guild, it'll be a guild for all kinds of players as long as they are friendly, it will be a casual/raiding guild. We will look to raid after we have a core group of friendly players set up. but if your not interested in raids, we'll be doing pvp, and if you just want a guild to chat with people while you play, then we are the guild for you. We already have a few Kametsu people planning to play. If you want any further information and/or to apply please PM or email me. Guild Launch will be around March 3.
  11. My fear is that seeing as they are now EA/Bioware, that EA's influence ruins a third game, they probably set DA2 back and have caused headaches for The Old Republic.
  12. @mr. granite Acording to lore, there were only 7 old gods, and the blight that was in dragon age 1 was the fifth god. so a double blight while awesome, would also be an end to the darkspawn, and I dont think they want to do that. What I think they are planning, is to base the third game on the seekers, trying to fix the damage the warden and the champion started. in which they will probably just end up adding to.
  13. As soon as it finishes downloading: Star Wars The Old Republic!!!!! ... beta.
  14. Dark and Storm better get their act together or i'mma have to leave them in a room of heavy objects and kro.
  15. Freelancer. Dragon age series. KoToR series.
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