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  1. i should really watch the first season i haven't yet x.x
  2. I love this anime, maybe my fav anime atm
  3. Ace was my fav char, loved his devil fruit power
  4. White Beards devil fruit, i forgot whats it called (someone will know im sure x.x) it's just so awesome
  5. I say Robin, she is just so damn hot. Nami is hot too but she is a loud mouth where as Robin is more mature....
  6. I prefer the jap voice over the eng dub voice, but they both suit her just fine
  7. sadly i'll say ichigo x.x and kenpachi
  8. agilesoul


    Bleach, one piece and naruto don't know when to stop, I don't think any of them 3 will end to soon lol. oh and detective conan, i think that how you spell it >.>
  9. agilesoul


    Im going to be lame and say that i liked the last filler arc which finished on a very good fight on ep 341 and had a nice looking filler on ep 342. the new arc should be interesting, for me anyway.
  10. he could prolly kill the commander if he had bankai, that would be way too scary x.x
  11. agilesoul


    I'll give a dump reason. I like it which is why I still watch it now, even tho i only started watching it late last year (1-193 in eng dub 194-342 in subbed)
  12. Saikano, kanon, Clannad S1+S2 Code Geass. Hell im a cry baby go figure >.>
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