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  1. TV: 200, OVA: 12, Movies: 35, Spcl.: 4, Eps: 4,747, DL Eps: 220, Days: 80.55
  2. This is my Anime Count: http://pastebin.com/W0T4H7iC Yes.. I have a .txt with everything I've watched until now..xD Can anyone count for me? I'm lazy..xD I also have of movies and TV Series..xDD
  3. I just started watching Beelzebub 2 days ago.. And I'm only in episode 49.. lol
  4. I like the one with the fire.. cant remember her name..xDD
  5. its not Gurren Lagann.. I've already seen that anime and this isn't it.. I think it looks like a hover board of some kind..
  6. Can anyone find out what anime is this?
  7. I always prefer English Audio.. I only wach the jap ones, when there is no dubbed version.x.D About emotions and stuff, if its really well dubbed, its even better than the jap version.. Look at Code Geass, and Eureka Seven, those are the best dubbed animes I've seen so far.. i tried the jap versions of them, but i couldn't pass from episode 1..xD
  8. hey buddy just want to know where can I get the mirrors for episodes 93,94,95 for Naruto Shippudden 720 There are down


  9. iTunes has released Naruto Shippuden Episodes 101-112, and I think TokyoSama has uploaded his 175 MP4 encodes of them on MegaUpload, on that "other forum" ;).

  10. Please stop spamming your DOR's in every NS thread, Most of those threads are for DVDRips anyways.

  11. I love heroes.. I wish it would never end.
  12. Im just tired of naruto being so stupid during some fights. Its getting boring. He already had learned somthing at this time.
  13. There is no comparison. They are both great. I loved to see more continuations of DBZ. But I also would love that thay released all the already made naruto shippuden episodes all at once.. so I would watch it for days..xD
  14. My favorite is obviosly naruto. I loved to be him.
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