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  1. Luffy's gotta be first. Sanjji i'd have to say 2nd since his willing to do anything and everything for his fellow females hits close to home But there is also something about Chopper i've always loved.
  2. Things like pokemon or yu-gi-oh don't do it for me. All anime i've seen otherwise i've thoroughly enjoyed!
  3. High School of the Dead and One Piece #205 (engilsh dub) gonna have to start on the sub'd.
  4. Hoping High School of the Dead gets another season/continues. What's not to like! Zombies, beautiful women, blood, fighting, even a puppy!
  5. Completely agree. This would be the most fun MMO, I'd definitely play.
  6. I've always been a huge Disney fan so my opinion might be biased. I'd say the game takes a little while to get into, but I did enjoy the game very much. I even did a full play through of the "good" decisions and another of the "bad" decisions just to see the difference and get all the Pins. I had a hard time doing the "bad" decisions.
  7. Dead Space 2 was the last game I finished.
  8. WoW since vanilla but it hasn't been good since BC. It's just one grind after another no matter what you do these days. Waiting for SWKOTOR
  9. Ocarina of Time hands down. Then the original NES Legend of Zelda.
  10. I still have my: NES SNES N64 Sega Saturn Xbox 360 and Wii
  11. I was really little playing my dad's Atari he had from when he was a kid. I think it was Asteroids, or a game where you had to get keys and a dragon would always randomly come eat me. Other than that, I remember playing Zelda for the original Nintendo.
  12. Xbox 360 currently, but i've always loved Nintendo and their console only games so the Wii is a close 2nd.
  13. I have to admit, I made fun of anybody that watched anime for years! Until one day I got stuck with a college suite mate who watched nothing but anime. I would glance from behind while he watched things like Trigun and Cowboy Beebop and secretly enjoyed what I saw, though I didn't admit this to him for quite some time. He finally talked me into watching Full Metal Alchemist with him and we sat and watched every episode plus the movie. I used to refuse to watch anything Sub'd, watching all of the English dubbed of One Piece and desperately wanting more anime. So I watched all the English Bleach episodes and was furious there were more than double the episodes in Subs so I gave in and finished out the series. Debating if I'm going to finish out (catch up) with One Piece since Dub'd is only on 205 right now out of the 400+ sub'd. And I just finished (as of half hour ago) all of the High School of the Dead series and definitely want more. Short answer: Full Metal Alchemist, then Trigun, Cowboy Beebop, One Piece, Bleach, and now High School of the Dead. (sorry for the double post) If you guys have any suggestions of any anime I might enjoy based off of the few i've seen, please don't hesitate to suggest Oh, and I'm new here. Hope to get to know all of you and make my time here enjoyable.
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