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  1. radale

    Fileserve and Slingfile Help

    Oh btw I managed to dl from it dang ISP I had a LOOOONG debate on them via phone it turns out they are blocking the traffic from it.... no wonder jDL doesn't work anyways thx for the help
  2. radale

    Best / Toughest boss fights ever?

    Gabrielle Celeste/ Gabrile Celeste(in Star Ocean Second Story) this guy is bad ass right to the bone i must say one strike 9999 enough to kill you huh? however he doesn't only strike once not twice not even three times but as long as 10 times(In Star Ocean) and about 30-50 hits lost count(in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth) btw in VP he doesnt deal 9999 he deals 10k+
  3. radale

    Scariest Game

    Resident Evil Series... (except for the movie for me it sucks big time)
  4. radale

    What game(s) have you beaten multiple times?

    Diablo 2: LOD Warcraft 2: RoC (Campaign) Warcraft 2: Frozen Throne (campaign) Magical Battle Arena (Mission and Story Mode)
  5. radale

    Worst Game You've Played

    broken sword 2 (ps) GOD DAMN GAME!
  6. radale

    Which MMORPG game are you playing?

    Wonderland Online Cosmic Break
  7. radale

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    im currently playing Koihime Mosou... guess what ITS NON ENGLISH!!! there's no english patch yet but i can still understand the words (not symbols) XD
  8. radale

    Fileserve and Slingfile Help

    yeah i tried jDownloader but well still doesn't work well anyway i was hoping that on the near future consider my suggestions ^_^V
  9. radale

    Films you want to see!

    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 2nd Movie Pirate of the Carribean(dang forgot the sub title) the one with black beard XD
  10. ok i've tried soooooooooooXinfinite (maybe) times to download from fileserve and slingfile here's the problem btw: its not only fileserve but all the hosting sites that has "serve" and same webpage layout on it is a subsidy of fileserve meaning they have the same problem Fileserve: that stupid son of a *CENSORED* capcha doesn't appear and yet the site said INVALID CAPCHA WTF?!!! slingfile: site load ok.... countdown timer ok.... but where the heck is the DL link i know that there is a download button on the bottom of the screen right after the 30 sec or so countdown but come on it will only reload the page and begin that count down again! *if your curious enough you will wait again dont be stupid like yours trully XD* P.S. : next time try to upload them in MegaUpload,RapidShare), Hotfile and oh.. almost forgot Mediafire (i know the issues on them but hey they are more reliable) P.P.S : keep it up guys! XD
  11. radale

    Where Do You Purchase Your Video Games?

    any store that sells pc and console games ^_^V
  12. hmm.... Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2 (jap dub)
  13. radale

    Anime To Watch When You Are Bored

    Lucky Star cant stop the punch lines ^_^V
  14. radale

    Most hated anime?

    chibbi miruko ahahahaa
  15. radale

    Can some one say EPIC??

    the fight scene on macross frontier movie i mean my jaw drops from the insane GC/3d rendering animation