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  1. I REALLY enjoyed this movie. It surprised me. Like Iki, I thought it was going to be another failure of a hollywood animation. But boy was I surprised when I actually saw it. It's my favorite non-anime animated movie.
  2. When Final Fantasy Vs. XIII comes out, since its PS3 only, it'll be a kickass game. Both graphics wise, and how long and how much is in the story and game itself. P.S. Japan is working on a 1TB Blu-Ray disc.
  3. Gonna go watch the second part of Deathly Hallows. That's about it.
  4. It has a US release title. Instead of Soul Ignition, its Soul Resurrection. And the game's play type is similar to Devil May Cry (Hack/Slash).
  5. Not having any problems now. It seems that it never updated. So I had to go manual update it...since 2006. Fail.
  6. One of my friends committed suicide. No one really knew why she did. It was so sudden and abrupt nobody knew how to respond. If something was hurting her she could have talked to somebody. But yeah, she pretty much just gave up for an unknown reason.
  7. Why do people hate Black Ops so friggen much? I love the game. I don't see why pople hate it so much. MW2 had so many glitches in its system online play was unreal (in a bad way).
  8. You could try Hetalia: Axis Powers. That's about WWII..but in a funny way.
  9. I think that after Sasuke and Naruto fight, Sasuke will come to his Senses and help Naruto kill Madara. But I also have a feeling that somehow the tailed beasts, including the Nine Tails, will be dead. Dunno how they will do this, but I have a feeling it will happen.
  10. Apparently. If you go back and watch RE; (R2 - Episode 25), at the end C-2 is on a wagon thing with some farmer...That farmer is supposedly Lelouch, plus, why did she say "Right, Lelouch?".
  11. Favorite TV show has got to be Attack of the Show.
  12. Haruhi Suzumiya ToraDora Naruto Bleach Sgt. Frog (Gundam Induced, Up-To-Date Humor) Seitokai Yakuindomo (REALLY DEROGATORY/FUNNY AS HELL) Code Geass
  13. My mom rented Final Fantasy X for me as a random game when I was 9...I fell in love with the game xD
  14. First game I ever played was Megaman 8
  15. Kyon


    Religion is blasphemy. That is all.
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