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  1. Wake

    not sure if you saw my reply to your request thread for the Suicide Island manga, but if your still looking for it, I can upload it if you want, just let me know...

  2. Jerck

    What Are You Downloading Right Now?

    Right now I'm downloading The Count of Monte Cristo. Hopefully it's as good as I've heard
  3. I was probably about 16ish. Naruto's what got me into anime other than DBZ
  4. Jerck

    Death Note - 34 - Vigilance

    Well there's an OVA out there that I haven't seen. But apparently a shinigami that no one's seen before is talking to Ryuk about his time on earth with Light. A lot of people think this shinigami is Light.
  5. Awesome Chapter! It's cool to see Minato more lol
  6. Jerck

    Game Sequels you'd like to see

    For newer games, I would love a sequel to Prototype. New Fallout's already on the way. And A new Legend of Legaia would be awesome.
  7. Awesome chapter! Looks like the next one is gonna explain a lot too!
  8. Jerck

    What song do you like???

    Those guys are really good. They did 2 openings for part one of Naruto as well. Go! is a great song
  9. Jerck

    A Suggestion

    Definitely a good idea. People will probably be more willing to join and contribute if they see some of the quality stuff the site offers
  10. Jerck

    What kind of nerd are you?

    Lol well I'm into Star Trek, Anime and Video games
  11. Jerck

    Halo vs Modern Warfare 2

    I dewfinitely prefer Halo 3. I play Modern Warfare as well and it's a good game, but it's kind of annoying when someone is a bunch of levels above you and their guns completely outrank yours. Halo 3 is very balanced with everyone getting the same starting equipment and all that, you need a lot more skill to get a 25 kill streak.
  12. Jerck

    What song do you like???

    I love the opening to Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk Swinging by Muramasa
  13. Which threads though? If you're just talking about the downloads you don't have enough posts yet. There's a lot of people who come on this site just to leech off of the downloads section so measures were taken to try and make sure people actually contribute.
  14. Jerck

    What was the last Manga that you completed?

    I finished Parasyte not long ago. Surprisingly good 8/10
  15. Wow a lot of people use vlc. I use MPC-HC for pretty much all of my videos with CCCP of course. One thing I'll say VLC is good for is playing partially downloaded videos, It skips frames that aren't downloaded yet. It's not that great, but useful if you're dubious about wether of not the vid you're downloading is the one you want.