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  1. jakjak

    What MP3 Player Do You Have?

    mp3 players are being replaced and outdated these days hehe.
  2. jakjak

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    Japanese animation looks great for me.
  3. jakjak

    What is your favorite current anime?

    Still Pokemon because of the never ending battles
  4. jakjak

    What were ur childhood animes?

    Pokemon Gundam Wing YuYu Hakusho
  5. jakjak

    Say something nice about the user above.

    The user above me likes Harley so much
  6. jakjak

    Obvious thing about the member above

    The person above me is a human LOL
  7. jakjak

    What words describes you?

    Lazy LOL
  8. jakjak

    Word Association

  9. jakjak

    Count to 100,000

  10. jakjak

    The Count to Infinity

  11. jakjak

    Keep One, Drop One

    loud voice
  12. jakjak

    Nice to be back!

    Hello! i thought the site was gone. Nice to see it went back online after a few weeks
  13. jakjak

    Hunter x Hunter dub or sub?

    Subtitle is good for me, make me read words faster LOL.
  14. jakjak

    Hi I'm from C-W forums

    I'm from CW also. Hope to see more cartoon in the next few weeks...
  15. jakjak

    X-Men day of the future past movie

    Hopefully the sentinels looks good