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  1. Most Sci-fi action packed anime seem to have Mechas battling each other out and showing their awesomeness B-) .Cause they are Been a fan of Mecha anime since i was a kid. And I'm sure most of you must have seen at least one anime featuring Mechas So which is your Favorite? Mine was defiantly Ninja Robots when i was a kid. But recently I found Eureka SeVen absolutely amazing. P.S. There was a Mecha Anime(other than Ninja Robots) that aired on Cartoon Network long ago (say about 8 t0 12 years back). Cant remember the name. Any Help?
  2. Still have my battered PS2 . Just connect it to my home theater and its still the bomb
  3. All ive ever seen, and played , is duel masters . And it was freakin awesome! So id go for Duel Masters . Still have to see yu-gi-oh.
  4. Resident Evil 4 was fun. Killing zombies with ample amounts of ammo and weapons is less scary and more action packed. Thats what i found in Resident Evil 4. Only those black regenerating things were creepy , especially with the closed rooms of the lab n all >_>. For me games like silent hill and amnesia: the dark descent, where your wits is all you got , and where you are thrown into a world with no way out but to face the horrors ahead of you , is scary.
  5. Haha i played Rule of rose , and your right .That game is pretty psyched. When i first got down to play it i had no idea what it was about , and the initial(unskippable) video got me thinking "wtf is this?" O.o...soon found out how worse it gets... i am looking forward to playing fatal frame.
  6. wow Dead Space is really winning it here . I had a pretty tough time getting that game to work on my PC. Ive just played it over a friends place and its definitely one hell of a game. By the way has anyone played Amnesia: The Dark Decent? i heard quite a bit about its frightening capabilities...
  7. Which is the most crazy ,terrifying ,weird , psychotic and horrifying game you ever played? something that got you to run to the loo frequently and perhaps gave you a couple of sleepless nights!? But still compels you to play on due to its gripping storyline! Im a Silent hill fan , and i have to say , SILENT HILL 4 : THE ROOM (shudders) was hands down , the scariest game i ever played. Ive beaten SH : shattered memories and played many other Topsy turvy games. But SH4 was real scary , took me a while to get anywhere in it too. A true survival horror game! with an amazingly gripping story ....haha the best weapon for at-least one half of the game is a sewer pipe! not to mention the girl next door who tags along with you with a hand bag in the second half! xD
  8. Just a PS2 >_> , a PSP and an underpowered comp. But i play my PS2 on a sony digital surround sound home theater system with a wall mounted 32inch LCD tv! Every bullet shakes the bed while playing black xD .Will be getting a PS3 soon enough..
  9. I got into final fantasy without realizing it.I think it all started with the movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within which i used to always catch half way through on television without knowing what the name really was and it used to amaze me. was a kid back then. Later i finally saw the whole thing and it AMAZED ME! the photo-realistic anime work was awesome, had an amazing storyline and those phantoms were scary(was a kid ). Later i realized how far FF really goes. It enrages me as to how some people can underrate such a movie , but thats another story.
  10. Yeah i had heard a lot about the game , had got Guild Wars Prophecies from a friend of mine a while back , but never got around to play it , especially cause of Air rivals , which is awesome. But thanks for mentioning it , ill defiantly dig around and find that game! or may be follow up on Guild wars 2 if it comes out soon...
  11. just got off watching some Get Backers so id say Hevn stands for now! personality wise Windy from FMA is just awesome!
  12. Id say Area 88 (the remake). Im a fan of aviation and this anime is the works. amazing air combat and an awesome story. the protagonist is one of the best characters ive seen. But i have hardly come across any fan recognition. It deserves much more
  13. im for Naruto. I mean it is a great anime and everything , but its hyped too far due to marketing and stuff. It gets more recognition than it deserves , compared to great anime works of the same level.
  14. Ive heard of it. will defiantly give it a shot!
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