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  1. robotman7


    hi folks, returning after a long absence, most probably wont post much, but enjoy the thread reading XD
  2. robotman7

    The Song Stuck in Your Head

    the jurrassic park theme been finding myself humming it for a month now
  3. robotman7

    Naruto next generation???

    i think we may get a few little catch up chapters here and there, but i wouldnt want it to continue past where it eventually ends
  4. robotman7

    Where Do You Purchase Your Video Games?

    i tend to shop around, never bought from one place in particular, usually get my cheaper games in the local hmv
  5. robotman7

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    castle, house, and the walking dead are currently my faves
  6. i never really thought of them as different, its all animation,many of the cartoons i watched as a child were made by the same studios that made the anime i watched
  7. robotman7

    What animes have made you cry?

    a certain part in both fma series makes me cry every time
  8. robotman7

    First Video Game

    tilt on the commodore 64, god i havent played that in years
  9. robotman7

    Can some one say EPIC??

    some of the fight sequences in fullmetal alchemist brotherhood have been incredibly well animated and incredibly worthy of the epicness title
  10. robotman7

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    i have both, and others including my megadrive(genesis) 32x and megacd, gamecube, mastersystems 1&2, dreamcast, saturn, and snes, but im completely out of space to put them
  11. robotman7

    anyone have a deviantart?

    http://robot-man-7.deviantart.com/ i dont update this nearly enough, but here you go
  12. robotman7

    hi there

    hey folks, hows it going, my names matt, tho online i tend to go by robotman7 or as i like to shorten it, rbmn7, its a rareity that i venture outside the places i tend to frequent online, at least in the last couple of years anyways tend to visit one or two sites and thats about it, not really venturing out got me behind in alot of the things i used to do online like posting my artwork and watching anime, so yeah,...im not massivley amazing at introductions, or conversation but ill pop up from time to time, and as soon as i draw something worth putting online ill drop it into your artforum so yeah...hi
  13. robotman7


    theres an area near to where i live which includes storage depots and places with food and toiletries, which as a kid, if the outbreak happend, the main idea was always to head directly there... but now that im older i gotta think eventually all that stuffs gonna run out and wed (me and any other survivors picked up along the way) have to move on