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  1. I do enjoy the hell out of my good ole' Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, however, as previously stated, more often than not it becomes a dead draw, and since I unfortunately have notoriously bad luck on the draw, I opted out of using the card full-time. It's a great monster and an improvement over my favorite card, however, it also requires a lot of attention devoted to it, and with my deck concentrating on a larger variety of monsters, I can't give it the attention it demands. Instead, I opt for my Majestic Star Dragon or Shooting Star Dragon, and even they don't hit the field very often, unless I really have no other option. Yes, that's right, I don't bring something out without thinking about it. Crazy, huh?
  2. I usually go to the unrated section. I'm not really interested in rating because I only play just for fun, competition just turns the game into one big race, which tends to literally suck all the fun out of it. I don't like it when I lose (which is often), but I'd rather not get punished for it.

  3. I have been wanting to make a Blackwing deck for quite some time now. I just don't pull the right cards to make it work/happen. I rarely get the chance to buy cards and when I do get even a single booster, the best thing I get (unless it's a specialized duelist pack) is something I can't even give away. Now that the Crow duelist pack is out, though, I have hope that a Blackwing deck is possible for me. Yeah, it's a supposed "meta" deck, but it still looks like a lot of fun.
  4. I looked up your profile on DN and it says you have 0 wins 0 loses and 0 draws, Do you usually duel on the unrated section? /:

    If I see you on DN we can duel if your up for it, my username is Machina kid on DN.

  5. Awesome. I've got about five or six decks on DN (under the screen name "Yuten") that I'm either using to see what I can do with them in real life when I can get them, or are decks that I've just wanted to use. One of them is made to help see if I can help a friend get a good strategy going for her Plant deck. Either way, if you want to have a duel or two(insert extra digits here) I'm open for one.
  6. I have a question that you all may be interested in. With the decks that you have, and with the strategies you use, which ones are the most fun for you? I mean, I, myself have used at least five or six decks, and I have some things that I wouldn't mind sharing, but I want to see what kind of strategies the others around here would use. Of course, as is proper, I plan to post my first "fun strategy" in this post. This strategy is the one that I tend to win most with my current main deck, which, as most people who have seen the list, is a Synchron deck that a lot of people would say is a tweaked Yusei deck. The strategy is something I've named "The Swarming Synchro". It's basically what happens when I usually go about it. I'll formulate my overall strategy based not only on my opponent's strategy, but on the possibilities I have, like most everyone, but the main focus that I'm most prone to going for is rapid, and sometimes simultaneous summoning of Synchro monsters, using the various Warriors and, of course, my signature Stardust Dragon. I've actually been able to really freak people out by bringing out monsters like Road Warrior and Nitro Warrior in a single turn, in addition to something me and passivecj call a "Super Junk" move, in which we tend to bring out a Junk Warrior that has no less than MASSIVE attack points.
  7. Honestly I can't say what five are my best so far, since my deck mainly uses the Synchron tuner monsters pretty openly. But, if I have to go by effectiveness, I'd have to say the following. Junk Synchron: He's able to bring back the rest of the recipe for Junk Warrior easily and if you use his effect right you can get a lot of things done. Dark/Clock Resonator: These two are tied because they allow you to maintain a good solid defense long enough to bring out the rest of your Synchro materials. Not to mention they can really annoy your opponent if you feel like it. Quickdraw Synchron: Yeah, I gotta say this guy is an amazing Tuner, what with his ability to take the place of any of my other Synchrons when I have a Warrior in mind. He's led me to a lot of victories, so I have to say he's one of the best tuners I've ever seen. Plaguespreader Zombie: While I've never seen this card in use, ever, I have studied it for the sake of a friend's Zombie deck, so I know that if you combine it with the right effects, you can get a seemingly endless stream of Synchro monsters to come out, allowing for a massive swarm of really good monsters like Doomkaiser Dragon, or Archfiend Zombie Skull. Formula Synchron: Hard to get out, but extremely useful. The draw you get upon his summoning can lead to a massive game change, and he helps me to bring out my most powerful monster, Shooting Star Dragon. He's also able to team up with a large variety of other Synchro monsters to bring out things like Tech Genus Blade Blaster, Tech Genus Halberd Cannon, and someone I fully intend to eventually obtain and use, Shooting Quasar Dragon. So, yeah, that's what you might call my "top five Tuners". Of course this is entirely based on my experience.
  8. I also agree that Stardust isn't the greatest Synchro monster ever, and I would still use him even if everyone in the world thought he was a horrible card, My reasoning for using him and even going as far as referring to him as my "signature card" is simply because I like it. I don't need any other reason to play it. Now, I'm not gonna go as far as to only play these cards that I think are awesome, because if you just slap in cards you like, you aren't going to be dealing any damage. My wins with Stardust come from my ability to support him, and half the time i never even summon him. I have other monsters that win too. Also, I, too, may post other favorites here in the forseeable future.
  9. Yeah, but I use him because I like him, I don't care what others think. It's a fun card to use and I can fully utilize not only him, but his more advanced forms, Shooting Star Dragon, and Majestic Star Dragon. If you remember, my deck could easily be called a tweaked Yusei deck, so it only makes sense that I run Stardust as one of my main monsters, even if he's not always the game-winner.
  10. And for some reason it's not letting me actually show the picture...
  11. I have several favorite cards, but my current favorite is the one monster I can call my "ace". If you have to ask, it's the most useful form of my best monsters, the initial form, Stardust Dragon. Level 8 WIND Dragon/Synchro/Effect 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters You can tribute this card to negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect that destroys a card(s) on the field and destroy that card. If you negate an effect this way, you can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard during the End Phase. ATK/2500 DEF/2000
  12. Yeah, they exist. The original versions are collector cards only, not meant to be played, but they've made "legal" versions of Obelisk and Ra.
  13. I tend to prefer Slifer, mostly because his effect is the most viable for me to use in the kind of deck I'd most likely put him in. I'd be able to utilize him best overall, and his effect just suits my playstyle more. He's not the blind grawrkill power that Obelisk is, and he doesn't possess the huge risks that come with using Ra, he's basically the neutral party, and that's a route I can see myself taking.
  14. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh... That's a tough one... I like almost all the video game music I hear... Hell, I have video game music on my iPod! Making me choose is like... Uh... Making someone make a really hard choice!
  15. I'll let you know, I may not be available for D&D tomorrow, so I've given Gold permission to run my character in my absence.

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