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  1. What's his reason for doing that to his own son? Maybe if he had a real sensible reason for doing it forgiveness wouldn't be out of the question but it sounds like he doesn't. I would do what he did to his son to him.
  2. Scott


    Yes I feel it is a waste of time and usually only get 3-5 hours of it per night for 2-4 days before I crash and get 8-14 hours sleep and repeat. It helps that I have drugs to help me most of the time... lol.
  3. Would I be able to kill Hitler as a baby knowing what he would turn out to be? Yes. I could. No guilt. I would want to be able to get away with it though. And that should say everything really about my opinion on the thread topic.
  4. Thank You!! Lmao naw for real it's creepy and annoying. He's obviously mental or something. I remember like 8 months ago he said some guy almost hit him with his truck and ripped his spine out (complete lie/bs lol) and he (david) said if the would of actually hit him HIS FAMILY (Davids Family) would of broke that guys spine and killed that guys wife and kids because HE (David) doesn't have any... Talk about wdf wow man...
  5. This guy at my work named David. He's real crazy all he does is follow me, telling me bullshit lies and shit. I walk to the other side everytime I see him walkin over towards my side and he goes and hurries over there. Stop. Repeat. Play Song; Mariah Carey, "Obsessed". Repeat.
  6. Scott

    Yuyu Hakusho

    I love it. I seen them all (I think, really can't remember lol). And I agree less repetitive then dbz but dbz is also another favorite of mine.
  7. Scott

    What's up with the gil checking/savings account thing? I thought I collected interest if I put my gil in a savings account but I'm not collecting shit lol :(

  8. I'm going to change that to the days when I'm on them I feel pretty much the same way, only better.... If that makes sense...
  9. Ah, what are your views on drugs and people who use them? When you answer please tell: If you ever did drugs and if so, what kind and how frequently? Me I smoke, Weed, do Ecstasy and LSD when I can get it. I pop vicodin/norco(hydrocodone), I have tried meth and lets see... That's all I can think of right now. Drugs are a way to make me feel better or have fun or whatever, especially when I pop some norco, I feel more energized, confident, inspired. On the days when I'm off or didn't have any (which is more then some people may think) I'm moody, depressed, my mind tends to wonder and I can't concentrate, I still have energy but not as much.
  10. Scott

    Open mindness.

    My Opinion: Open-Relationships are for losers. I would never date a girl who wanted an open-relationship or said it was cool for me to bang other chicks. I don't like that or think it's cool. One girl at a time, please.
  11. http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=8178 Any anime on that list please don't suggest lol... Although that list is outdated, I have a bunch more rawr.
  12. Scott

    I hate Naruto

    I hate it. If I could I would destroy every single episode and burn every single copy.
  13. Like Claymore, Gantz, Berserk, Elfen Lied ect ect... Just anime that has a darker type story/theme to it. One thing though, it must of been dubbed lol... Anime I seen: http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=8178
  14. Alrightie thank you

  15. My personal opinion. My little sister is 16 years old and I wouldn't let her date a 20 year old man. If she was 17 I wouldn't have a problem with it and there are some 16 year old who are more mature for their age. It all depends on the maturity if that makes any sense but I would wait til she is 17 or not at all. People might think it's only a one year difference but it is a big ass difference. My friend has been going out with his girlfriend for like 4-5 years and he's the same age as me (20) so if it's a girl like that, go for it, if not don't. Because alot of teens tend to break up fast and then date someone else just as quickly.
  16. Not everybody has somebody like that. You can't just assume people have friends or family that they actually care about like that. Not everybody loves there family or their family doesn't treat them as well.
  17. Guts - Berserk. Teresa - Claymore. Lelouch - Code Geass.
  18. Scott


    I was a Christian so to say when I was younger. I went to church for until I was 13 or 14. After that I grew up and really don't believe in "God" anymore. I sometimes say, "oh my god" or something out of old habit but I just can't believe...
  19. Scott


    Couldn't have said it better myself. I get the same feeling from this woman at work. Too bad she's married and probably like 10 years older then me (I like older women).... Burned myself real bad...
  20. aalonefire (37), Don Miguel (28), eddiemernard (28), eds (25), gobbles23 (25), dark_pyro, masterwazza (24), pikavec (23), spazznid (22), Meenax (21), Aria_Sidhe0991 (21), jwilliam098 (21), machofantastic (20), zy12323 (20), Ashkeroth (19), erodas1d (16) Happy B-Day all. So high... I can't remember how high, that's how freakin high.
  21. Scott


    If I ever lost my little sister I wouldn't know what to do... in all honestly I would try and kill myself which I have tried before. I have no words to say that would express the sorrow of your loss. All I can say is I'm sorry. Do what you feel you need to do, never come on the site again or take it down forever, it's up to you. Personally I wouldn't give a shit if you took it down forever or just for a long ass time if it would help you with your loss in any way.
  22. It's all good bro. I can also see your point as in using video games for comparisons, although I still think something more realistic would be a better suited example for something like this but it's probably because I'm wired up over it. Since I can probably relate what they're (The People of Japan) are going through and feeling in a sense. Just hearing what some people were saying about it on other websites and shit made me so mad... I plan on donating money Wensday when I get paid and urge everyone else to do the same, as much as you can give, even if it's only a dollar. I know I can't afford to give much but I'll give as much as I can and donate more when I get paid again.
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