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  1. Scott

    What's up with the gil checking/savings account thing? I thought I collected interest if I put my gil in a savings account but I'm not collecting shit lol :(

  2. Alrightie thank you

  3. Scott

    If you want you can add me to the Uploader Mod group, as long as I can keep the Uploader Rank as the main status. I usually am browsing through that forum most times I'm on and looking at threads and it wouldn't be to difficult to check a link or 2 per thread every now and then to see if it's dead or not. Although I won't be a good index updater.

  4. me no u friend

  5. If it's my post/upload then yes, if it's somebody else's and only says (MP4) then maybe.

  6. Oh yeah. Only some anime work for the PSP, even if it says ".MP4" All of my Encodes are PSP, even if it just says ".MP4'. If it says ".MKV" or something it isn't encoded for the PSP though (only talking about my topics here).

  7. When you add them onto your PSP, dissconnect the USB and go to the video section on your PSP and press 'X' or enter it and they should be there. Files must be encoded into MP4 format to work on your PSP.

  8. Download the anime to your PC (computer) and save it to a folder that you can easily access or anything. You need a USB Cord to connect your PSP to your computer and then copy the video files (anime or movies) and paste them into the 'VIDEO' folder in your psp system.

  9. Scott

    You should have a master list for each separate forum. The English Dub Master List, Dual Audio Master List ect...

  10. I hate Naruto :o but hey hey lol ^.^

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