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  1. Possibly Yeah, no. If you look at the last two pages, Obito is shocked by what he has just seen. Kakashi is not. He very well knew he was about to kill her. Not necessarily, as Zetsu said, Obito is weak, Zetsu is stronger, Zetsu is wrapped around him and protecting him. Zetsu should easily be able to take him back to Madara or to not allow him to interfere or get involved. Who cares about Obito? Well, let's think.. uhm.. oh yeah, there's everyone? >.> It's called foreshadowing man, maybe you've heard of it. And if I may say, it was very well done: http://www.mangapand...hapter-244.html http://www.mangapand...hapter-244.html http://www.mangapand...m/naruto/601/17 What you say doesn't make much sense though. You can sit here and say they only showed Obito and Rin once seven years ago (although, it's closer to six years, but that's beside the point), but don't tell me no one cared about them. For how many years have people been talking about Obito and Rin? Even though the manga did not directly bring them out again, it didn't have to. They were characters that, although only being shown once, were characters in the back of your mind. Characters that made you wonder more about them. That actually makes them perfect candidates for masked figures imo You make it seem like Obito and Rin are nobodies that no one even thought twice about. Lets think back to the very first Naruto episode, the guy who tricked Naruto into stealing the scroll. Although he is the one responsible for Naruto stealing the scroll, learning how to make shadow clones, and becoming a ninja, he's a character that nobody talks about. Obito and Rin are nowhere near as easily forgotten. Hell, I have personally been wanting to know more about Obito and Rin since Kakashi Gaiden, it may not have been 6 or 7 years for me, but still. I liked how Kakashi Gaiden answered something about Kakashi, but it gave me these two other characters that I have been wondering about since. And I can guarantee you that the majority of the Naruto fanbase felt the same way about these two characters. Sorry, but you are absolutely flat out wrong about Obito and Rin being characters that no one, or almost no one, gave a fuck about. I think you slowly need to start accepting that Tobi is Obito.
  2. Oh, all these theories on here D: I love all the people saying "If it isn't explained in the next chapter, I'm dropping the series." .. Because one chapter will fill in all the plot holes, right? One chapter? Okay. I like the idea of Obito being Tobi, simply because it was fairly obvious that if Obito became a villain, it had to be because of Rin, who is a character I've been curious about. Maybe now we get to know what happened to her. People say it's not a good enough reason, but in the same sense, Sasuke is such a fag with a crappy motive... Also, why do people keep saying "Why would Obito want to destroy the world?"? He doesn't want to destroy the world. I've been noticing that a lot of Naruto fans who discuss all these theories about how Obito could not possibly be Tobi always add in information that has not been said or even hinted at. It's like they think they know any and all possible scenarios, but they're really just setting themselves up for failure and disappointment. They're so caught up that it can't be Obito, so they dismiss anything that is actually happening in the manga lol Example: *Tobi is revealed to be Obito* "I'm 100% sure it's not Obito, it's just his body" "Oh, yeah?" "I'm certain" I saw the above soo many times, it's ridiculous xD If people actually spent time making theories about how Obito could be Tobi (rather than trying to disprove it), I'm sure people wouldn't be raging like they are now. But no, who wants that ^.^ I personally don't look into the theories like some others, but one thing I do know is that Tobi is a liar, so not everything we think we know has to be true. This alone could fill in some plot holes. Although, I'm sure if that did happen, people wouldn't like it, even though it would fit perfectly with Tobi's personality. For now, I'll just keep enjoying the manga. Ya'lls can keep theorizing and raging ^.^
  3. Yeah, when I was pressing the power button, nothing was happening at all. I don't have a GFX card on this computer at the moment, I took it off a few months back when the fan on the card started to sound like crap. I probably should put it back in now that I've fixed the fan.. I think it's safe to say the psu was the problem.. and probably a heat problem as well. I was going to clean the computer, but I just never got around to it. I need to clean the fan on the processor(?) and change the thermal paste because the fan is getting louder and working harder. But I'm not too sure if a hot motherboard would kill the psu. This particular computer cost me about $200 when I bought it some years back, so I wouldn't expect the hardware to be anything special. I get that computers are meant to be on 24/7, but don't they have to be kept in relatively cool temperatures? Do you actually go weeks/months without giving it a break? Looking at this picture http://www.computer-...s-labeled-2.jpg the connector the psu is missing is the 4-pin (main) power cable. It says P7 on the psu that died. The first replacement psu I used had the same wattage but it didn't have that particular connector, I'm guessing it's because it's from a computer that was bought in the 90s. I found another psu, this one does have the connector I need (also labeled P7), but the problem is that it is way smaller and it's only 150w, whereas the one I took off was 250w. I'm not sure how many watts the computer is actually using most of the time, so I'm not sure how much of a problem this will be. I will be buying a higher wattage psu, but it might not be for another month or two. Would it be a bad idea to keep using this 150w in the meantime? Thanks, I'll check it out. Maybe it'll give me back the hard drive space that "mysteriously" disappears and reappears at random times lol
  4. Yupp, it was a prebuilt computer. It says Compaq Presario sr5000. I'll try using a different psu, be back in a few EDIT: You were absolutely correct, I changed the psu and it worked. Weird thing, that particular replacement psu seems to be missing a connector, which I think I need since I"m not getting any video. Guess I'll have to look for another psu lol Thanks again, your suggestion solved the problem
  5. The motherboard doesn't have any lights on it. The only "extra" components I have are an extra hard drive and a DVD drive. When I try to turn it on, nothing happens at all, no fans power up, no noise of any kind, nothing.
  6. The Hunger Games. I'd give it a 5/10. What a crappy movie. I feel bad for anyone who read the book(s). Hell, I feel bad for anyone who didn't read the book(s). Despite being quite a long movie, it had no character development whatsoever. There were no explanations for many things, and if you hadn't read the book(s), you wouldn't understand what you just saw or why they did what they did. And Cinna didn't get beat >.> The only good part was when Peeta was hiding xD
  7. So, against my better judgement, I decided to leave my computer on for about 6 days straight. When I turned it off last night, everything was working just fine. But this morning it wouldn't turn on anymore. Here's what I've tried: I've unplugged it, plugged it back in.. didn't help. I've opened it, checked all the cables.. didn't help. I've disconnected everything from the power supply, reconnected one at a time.. nothing. Apologized.. awkward silence. From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong), if there is a blinking green light on the back of the power supply, then one of the other parts is most likely the problem. Mine, however, is solid. I haven't been able to find anything clear about a solid green light, everyone seems to have the blinking light problem. I'm guessing that I fried either my power supply (that's okay) or motherboard (hope not), but I'm not sure which it is. Is there any way to individually test if the parts are working? Or what other options do I have (other than buying a new computer)?
  8. The school parking lot. All these dumbasses can't get to school on time and think it's okay to be assholes, including the teachers >.> What? LBP is awesome. Better than MK
  9. I'm going to have to disagree with the first few posts. I may sound like an ass and it's probably not what you want to hear, but you asked for strangers' advice so I'm telling you what I believe. I say it's time to move on. As I was reading it, I saw many, many signs that should tell you to move on. And then I got to this sentence "All I want is another chance, even if just to be friends." That's the final sign that you should move on. Why? Well, because it's complete bs. No one tries that hard to make a friend. No one thinks "I just want another chance to see if we can be friends" to someone of the same sex when you've known them for so little. Why is someone of the opposite sex any different? The only reason you say that is because you have put her on a pedestal and are not over her. It seems to me like you will never really be satisfied even if you two were friends. You will always want something more. All you're really doing by pursuing this any further is stressing yourself out, you're probably really anxious, your health probably slowly declining, and most importantly, wasting your time. No girl is worth investing this much time into when you're getting to know her. Not even the one that seems "perfect." Not only that, but the amount of effort you're putting into it is ridiculous. Sounds like it would be a one sided relationship. She knows you like her, what more can you do? To keep trying to sweep her off her feet at this point is dumb. She can take it or leave it. If she takes it, good for you. If she doesn't, sucks for her. Bottom line, I don't think any girl is worth putting this much effort into at this point of her being in your life. I'm sure there are people who will disagree with what I've said. Everyone wants to believe that you should never give up; you will eventually get the girl/guy. I think that when you find someone who is worth your time, you will not have to go through all this crap and not even have a date to show for it. That's my advice. But at the end of the day, you can do whatever you want.
  10. Last read: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Reading next: I'm going to be starting the Dexter series, I hear good things about the books so I'll have to check them out.
  11. I think the meal that I enjoy the most is probably breakfast. What I usually eat is: A peanut butter protein pancake (put peanut butter in a bowl and melt it in the microwave, mix in an egg and some protein powder, cook in a pan), 3-4 eggs, some sausage, a cup of broccoli, and 3-4 cups of water. My lunch and dinner are pretty boring because I don't know how to cook lol It's usually some boring piece of meat with a little seasoning and some vegetables. Why do you eat so much for breakfast? D:
  12. I only read your last post, but this isn't really plot breaker. It's more of a different direction that the story could have gone.
  13. Now that I think about it, wasn't Carl trained to use a gun? I remember his mother telling him he better take it seriously. So why did he have to get so close to the walker? I haven't read the comics myself, but there's a rumor that a character named Michonne will appear in the season 2 finale. What I find interesting about this is that Michonne apparently walks around with 2 walkers as pets. I'd love to see that lol
  14. Oh Carl, you see what you done did? lol Did not see that coming so I definitely like the twist even though he was one of the better characters imo
  15. I was a little kid so I was into Naruto when it was airing on TV back then. Next thing you know, I had invested so much time on watching this anime so I don't really see any point in dropping it now. The story is decent
  16. Ha! I had a feeling Itachi wouldn't stop to talk to Sasuke since he wasn't even looking at him when he was nearing him lol
  17. The part about yelling at the cook can really be applied to any job. If your manager or boss is an ass, you're likely to get yelled at. The job title doesn't really matter. I used to work in a warehouse building LED signs about 2 years ago and our boss would bitch at us all the time about how we would "stand around talking" even though we really had nothing to do. You can only clean the warehouse so much before you're just looking stupid trying to clean a spotless warehouse. He would bitch at us rather than, i don't know, get us more work. It had nothing to do with our lack of work or bad work or anything, he was just a dick that enjoyed yelling at us and constantly letting it be known we could be fired and easily replaced. Aside from the awesome amount of overtime hours we got from time to time (some weeks I worked almost 80 hours), it was the worst job I've ever had. On the other hand, the best job I've had was as a cook lol So I wouldn't completely rule out cooking or restaurant jobs so quick. You might want to stay away from most fast food places, or simply any restaurant that is quite popular. Go for restaurants that are really only busy during weekends. The job environment in a smaller restaurant is usually very different than that of a fast food place. I used to work in a small restaurant about 6 years ago and everyone, including my boss(es), were very chill towards everyone and the only day we were really busy was on Saturdays. It was a really easy job, the main downside is that it could get really boring when it's slow lol Sure, it might be harder to get hired in such places, but it doesn't hurt to try. You also say you don't like working around a lot of people (I don't exactly know how many people is too many people for you) but smaller restaurants usually only have a few people cooking, so that can definitely be a plus. And since you're a cook, you don't have to deal with bitchy customers, that's for the waitresses lol You may also consider working at a laundromat, a smaller one. My mom works at a laundromat and she says it's really easy work. You may have to deal with some costumers, but if it's a place with decent machines, then that will likely mean less customers telling you the machines stole their money. Then there are also the possibility of getting a receptionist job. Just make sure that you apply at places where you have to deal with little to no customers face to face. For example, the receptionist at that warehouse I worked at didn't have to deal with customers, she just had to answer phone calls. Same thing for the small restaurant, I was put in a receptionist position for a month while they found someone else to hire (I think it took them that long because I was doing a good job) and all I really had to do was answer phone calls and write order tickets. Now that I remember, my mom had a job at a hotel. All she had to do was go and clean empty rooms. This one may be a bit more far off, but maybe janitorial work? To be a bit more specific, a middle/high school janitor during the summer. So you would have to wait till summer, which is why I said it's a bit more far off. If you're still looking for work around the summertime, then it might be something to look into. Some schools hire janitors during the summer months, you won't have to deal with many people since schools are emptier during the summer. However, some schools do take priority to giving work to students. Bottom line, wherever you decide to look, it might be better if they're smaller places rather than busier places. Suffering from social anxiety isn't a problem, you can always work around it and find places where you should feel more comfortable. So don't worry about it. You may not work at some of the most common places, but those are shit jobs anyway I myself don't really like working with or around people. Although, in my case, it's just because I hate dealing with stupid people lol Anyways, it's getting late and this post is getting long lol If this was of any help and if I think of any other ideas, I'll let you know
  18. BlackDahlia

    Gay Rights?

    You're absolutely right, if religion is an optional right, then same sex marriage should have nothing to do with religion, it should be a right. Unfortunately, as much as the government says that they try to take religion out of everything, it is simply not possible. As for the bold word up there, it's not what it would be, it's what it already is. Uhm.. I thought.. Maybe his God is perverted?
  19. BlackDahlia

    Gay Rights?

    So, while I actually do agree with the majority of your points, I just want to point some things out that I didn't agree with. Now, this is just my opinion, I'm sure you will disagree with it and that is totally fine with me, but I believe that if someone has something to say, they are entitled to say it. Whether it be in an uneducated way such as his or in a very polite method as well. While I agree with what you're saying, that simply does not make your opinion any better. It may be the more socially acceptable opinion on here, but that alone does not make it better. The reason I'm even bringing this up is because throughout your post, I got this sense that you are kind of pushing your beliefs and feelings onto him. Why is it absurd for someone to think that being gay is a choice? Actually, you are simply flat out wrong here. How you feel about homosexuals and same sex relationships has everything to do with how you feel about the rights towards said people. If you have no opinion towards the people whose rights are being debated, how do you make an opinion on the matter? You can't. Anyway, these are just my opinions and views, you don't have to agree with them.
  20. It's between Assassin's Creed and Spider-Man 3, these are the only 2 games that were so boring I couldn't finish them.
  21. Street Fighter IV/Super Street Fighter IV - To 100% these two, you need to not only be good at the online, but also the arcade and challenges. The character trials are the hardest part because you have to pull off very precise combos. This is probably my proudest 100% lol Mirror's Edge - Time trials. I only got to 90 stars, out of 99, very difficult. PAIN - If you've played this, you'll know why.
  22. I thought we were talking about child porn, not child abuse? Sexually abusing a child does not make it porn! I feel like most people actually discussing the topic here are only talking about child abuse, not child porn, which is the topic at hand. Everyone else is just saying "eww" and not really contributing to the discussion. Whatever lol The main issue with trying to justify child porn is the word "child." In a place where a 5 year old, a 12 year old, and a 17 year old are all considered children, it's kind of hard to make any part of it acceptable. A few years makes a big difference. Yes, we don't have 6 year old kids having sex, but 13 year old kids? I wish I could say the same, but that just isn't the case. Yet, when one thinks of child porn the image of an abused 6 year old comes up, not consensual 16 year olds having sex and filming it. That being said, everything after this is regarding "children" the age of, say, 13 and above: Okay, there is porn based around more socially acceptable fetishes like specific body parts, clothing, toys, etc. Then we have porn based around other less socially acceptable fetishes like rape, torture, binding, incest, etc. Why is child porn any different? I think it's kind of odd how people can like lolis, or the image of a loli (you know, those that just look like little kids, "but they're actually a lot older, so it's okay") in hentai, but if anyone mentions child porn, all of a sudden it's a bad thing. "Oh, but it's not real." Not real people? True, but the actions are the same. There are a lot of people who are in the closet about this because it's not a socially acceptable thing. My opinion is, if it's okay to watch little anime girls have sex, it's okay for people to watch little kids having sex. Why? Because it makes sense. It makes no sense to me that people say loli hentai is okay because it will keep [some] people from actually acting on these feelings. Child porn would be exactly the same thing. Hell, for some people it might even change their minds about it to actually see real people in real situations. Is it something I'm into? Hell no, keep that crap away from me. It doesn't interest me in the slightest. But I see no reason to make an exception for real humans when it is perfectly legal to suggest the theme in hentai "as long as it is known that they are actually of legal age."
  23. They're open a few hours everyday, or maybe every other day. I search the site frequently and quite often I see it says "registrations open." You don't need an account to download anyway, the site has gone downhill imo
  24. Well JDownloader has been working just fine for me since last night after I updated it. I'm wondering, is anyone having problems uploading to Megaupload? I was able to upload fine just a few days ago, but when I tried after the site layout change, I can't upload. Whenever I click on "Select Files" nothing happens :\
  25. Well, Kojima already said they will have to make MGS5 at some point, he just doesn't know when that will be. I suppose it could take place somewhere between the other games. I didn't finish MGS4, but I think he dies (don't confirm it! I'll find out some day for sure lol) so I'm not really sure if a sequel would be possible.
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