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  1. To me i thought Final Fantasy XII was a bit................ can't really put a word to describe it but i just didn't enjoy it compared to the others I've played over the years.
  2. It was brilliant and epic, loving the Hi-Def cutscenes (even if there were more of them than actual gameplay), didn't really see what was wrong with it alot of people had issues with it, but i enjoyed it nonetheless. Also can't wait for the sequel been watching some trailers and i'm pretty psyched for it.
  3. Meh. FFX-2 was ok it was just the girly affect they put towards it. It did get a bit annoying but overall gameplay was brill and a good way to end the story.
  4. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Devil May Cry (all of them) Super Mario World
  5. Squall's gunblade has to be the one even although Lightning does use one ten times better and actually uses the gun on it from time to time.
  6. I like lightning but sephiroth would win hands down.
  7. Real emotion for me. That song was so catchy and awesome.
  8. Heyo there folks. I'm TheWingedAziel. Calling from Scotland.
  9. 1st Gundam 00 2nd Code Geass 3rd Dragonball Z
  10. Digimon was ssssooooo bad. I think i seen Monster ranchers like once and it wasn't good at all. Pokemon has to win hands down.
  11. Code geass was brilliant and it was all to do with Lelouch's cunning plans
  12. It isn't my favourite anime but it is still pretty good, it is one of the best i've watched.
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