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  1. it was more so from Gundam, since that was my favorite gundam when i was a kid

  2. Just started watching Soul Eater recently, so i see where you got the "Death Scythe" from. lol

  3. go ahead as long as you give me some kind of recognition and not sure on the Queen's blade part 3 since the ISO hasn't been posted on adc

  4. hey NMH, can i use your download links for Queen's Blade on the English-Dub Kingdom page. also, will you be uploading part 3 soon?

  5. 1) BECK 2) Initial D 3) Elfen Lied 4) Gantz 5) Air Gear
  6. ep 13 of Initial D 2nd stage funi dub
  7. Deathscythe022

    Top 5 Anime

    1) BECK 2) Baccano 3) Fairy Tail 4) Code Geass 5) Elfen Lied
  8. Deathscythe022

    Worst Game You've Played

    Cross Edge
  9. Deathscythe022

    Which would you prefer, PS3 or Xbox 360?

    I have both consoles and i got to say that i play my ps3 more then i do my 360 so i guess i prefer the ps3
  10. Deathscythe022

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I am currently playing a dota style game called League of Legends [LOL] (username is Deathscythe022) and a MMO Vindictious (username is Zegram)
  11. Deathscythe022

    What is the last game you have finished?

    The game that i finished recently is Arc Rise Fantasia and i have to say the story started out strong then was meh later on AND the VAing SUCK'd HARD
  12. Deathscythe022

    The best final fantasy game ever

    1) FF 10 2) FF tactics 3) FF 9