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  1. it was more so from Gundam, since that was my favorite gundam when i was a kid

  2. Just started watching Soul Eater recently, so i see where you got the "Death Scythe" from. lol

  3. go ahead as long as you give me some kind of recognition and not sure on the Queen's blade part 3 since the ISO hasn't been posted on adc

  4. hey NMH, can i use your download links for Queen's Blade on the English-Dub Kingdom page. also, will you be uploading part 3 soon?

  5. 1) BECK 2) Initial D 3) Elfen Lied 4) Gantz 5) Air Gear
  6. 1) BECK 2) Baccano 3) Fairy Tail 4) Code Geass 5) Elfen Lied
  7. I have both consoles and i got to say that i play my ps3 more then i do my 360 so i guess i prefer the ps3
  8. I am currently playing a dota style game called League of Legends [LOL] (username is Deathscythe022) and a MMO Vindictious (username is Zegram)
  9. The game that i finished recently is Arc Rise Fantasia and i have to say the story started out strong then was meh later on AND the VAing SUCK'd HARD
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