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  1. Wow...I haven't been here in ages...but what else is new

  2. catching up after my vacation

  3. Yep, still alive (thanks now I can't get that song out of my head) but as you probably noticed not really an active forum member I always was more of a lurker rather reading than writing...but I did donate so that I won't be just a leach.

  4. I see your still alive and Kicking..

  5. can you do me a favor

  6. mini_mei

    Measures I'm Considering.

    No need to apologize, I just said that because for some reason unknown to me on any forum that I post on initially everyone seams to think me to be a guy (is it the way I write?) and while funny for some time, after a while (and it happening on virtually every forum I post on) it just gets old... An interesting question and hard to answer, but I'll try. Keep in mind though that those are just my personal reasons (and suggestions if I can come up with some), I cannot speak for someone else. True, while they might not be literally my thoughts they are close enough and I always thought if I don't have to say something relevant I don't need to say it at all. Another thing is that when reading a tread that interests me, more often then not posts I would like to give my opinion on are older ones (or locked ones) so when responding to them basically equals reviving a thread I don't do it...but this is a problem (if you want to call it one) that is in the basic nature of a forum, it just happens... maybe threads that have not been answered to in...lets say two months for example could be moved to an archive? Also I have to admit initially I only found the page and forum because I was looking for English dubbed Animes which for some reason are hard to come by nowadays, I wasn't really looking for a community. That one is even harder if not impossible to answer...you can't try to make it right and always interesting for everyone as everyone has different interests and I can understand your point of view that you want people who download to contribute (that's why I suggested the donations button in combination with a higher number of requested posts) but as said in an early post (sorry I can't remember by whom or if it was in this thread actually) you can't force someone to be an active member, some just are not interested while others don't have the time because of their job, school or university or have another reason altogether.Maybe make a theme of the month, if such a thing does not exist already I have to browse the forum first for other suggestions. I'm also not saying that I wont post at all, but as a lurker it's in my nature not to say much...or to put it correctly not to say something very often. ------- Ah, thanks Koby finally found, it took me a while as I was text searching for "Donate & Support Us" but the text is actually in the buttons picture. I'll pm you on the details.
  7. mini_mei

    Measures I'm Considering.

    With my long explanation I simply wanted to state another point of view witch lead to my suggestion of said donations, sorry if you felt it was to long or unneeded but it was something I felt I needed to write... But that isn't the reason why I answered again, and I am sorry if this is off topic but I'd like to state that I'm actually female
  8. mini_mei

    Measures I'm Considering.

    My goodness, I'm almost afraid to post now, but I read through the whole thread (and some like it that where locked already) and I really like to show another point of view. This is only my 2nd post (I know, shocking) because I am when it comes to forums foremost a lurker. When I read a thread and someone already posted something in it that reflects my opinion on whatever theme discussed in said thread I see no reason to retype it in my own words nor am I a friend of "my thoughts exactly"-posts (which I believe would be counted as spamming anyway). Or sometimes I just read threads to get some different Opinions on an Anime I don't know before deciding if I'd like to download and watch said Anime. The other reason, or maybe this is still part of me being a lurker, is that even if I am a member I don't want to spend hours on end in a forum. Trying to keep up with every forum/community I am a member of would take a mass amount of time and even if this sounds selfish I just don't want to spend that much time on the internet. Sure one could argue that I should just drop out of some of those forums/communities but let's be honest, if you join a forum or community you do so for a reason and just because you're not online every day or week doesn't mean you're no longer interested. I did download Anime from here and I did thank the uploader - which is my only other post - though it seams it still got deleted, although in said post I did not just thank them but also gave a reason why I love the Anime from this page/forum. As I read that you need at least 5 posts to gain access to download again, I'm not going to lie and say it didn't cross my thoughts to just Post in some active threads my two cents so to speak and be gone again. but then I read you could also get a subscription (which in my opinion really does help a page like this as there are costs to keep it up and all) but what threw me off that path was that a subscription once gained automatically renews itself after the time runs out and thus will draw money from your paypal account again regardless of the user being online or not. And as I don't visit a forum/community I'm a member of for sometimes months (lurker here, remember) and I really see no reason to pay for that time automatically. Also I didn't find that donation button I read about which I guess would be a one-time payment (maybe I'm just blind and someone can point me towards it?) but then I'd really like to know if that donation would be associated with the user and thus giving access for an amount of time. Could that maybe a small solution to give leachers like myself (since with me only having two posts with this one and the first being deleted while still having downloaded basically makes me one I guess) a chance to download for a limited amount of time through donating without needing to spam the forum and without a renewing subscription? This way you could also up the number of required posts a bit to really scare off spammers. Wow...that was quite a rant... edit: just added the last idea with the uped posts number
  9. Yes I am, but when it comes to Forums I'm more of a lurker and I only visit every other month or so...sorry