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  1. i like one piece and i watch it but is fairy tail just as good i never seen it?
  2. UNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
  3. final fantasy is always #1
  4. i play the original mario gameson NES and old gameboy
  5. pokemon crystal was my first game XD
  6. im watching Getbackers this show is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >=D
  7. can you copy and past the links to Shin Chan in a message to me because i cant get to them where you have them

  8. Shin Chan is the funnyiest anime of all time ( Shin: "i want to make z babies" )
  9. kakashiomar

    Favorite Anime

    mines would have to be Yu-Yu Hakusho i wish it would make new episodes i felt real sad when it ended
  10. kakashiomar

    Favorite Anime

    my favorite was s-Cry-ed, and Desert Punk
  11. im watching Desert Punk im on ep. 15 i wanna know if anybody got any recomendations for other anime i mostly watch comedy and action all in one like bleach
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