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  1. Happy birthday evil! have a good one!

  2. i dont see how people can hate it too i finished it 5 times and three with my gba and the tingle tuner so much fun
  3. hmm so far it seems im the only person that thinks wind waker as there favourite its the zedla game to have a replay if the game were its slightly different yet its so hated on but i dont care loved wind waker its so underrated
  4. hmmm looks like il start looking here less hasnt been a post for a few days
  5. thought it was a good idea glad you liked it
  6. https://plus.google.com/114970791836811029128/posts this is my profile and this is shazi's https://plus.google.com/117022257764794835920/posts she said i can post it
  7. seeing as i have started invite people from kametsu to google plus i thought i should post here so people can post there profile links here so everyone can find each other easier
  8. i did yours without looking here bahaha
  9. your welcome its pretty amazing as far
  10. invite sent just remember that the site still isnt even finished and they are still adding more awesome ideas
  11. yer i love it its set out so much better with the circles you dont have to class them people you dont know as friends post stuff in a circle and only the people you have put in that circle can see it video chat with 10 people straight off the site you have sparks you put in things you want to keep upto date with it gives you the links there better sorted from everyone else that likes that same thing
  12. there you go Killster just sent off your invite
  13. well look her often for next 2 weeks and invite asap
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