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  1. i was lucky enough to get Kinect from Christmas....its really good if u have the 2.4metres (or whatever)...but if u dont...then i hope u enjoy single player games.....the only thing it is really lacking is a selection of games.....
  2. my xbox live is Yami Jaybee....im in aussie land...i usually play Black Ops, Dead Rising, RE, Splintercell and Assasins Creed.
  3. The Expendibles......absolutly the best movie i have ever seen :-)
  4. Steam....Cheaper especially with the exchange rate at the moment....
  5. i have played most of the originals but not many of the new ones....they kinda get a bit repetative....i really like the recent on DC vs Mortal Kombat but i only bought it cause I am a huge batman fan
  6. Hmmm im currently playing Black Ops (mostly multiplayer). Also playing Assasins Creed 2 and Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2.
  7. Alex Kidd in High Tech World......im pretty sure that it was on the Sega Master System....it came in built. I believe my second game was Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle??
  8. i havent played that game in forever....i would love to play it :-)
  9. i would have to say the gunblade....what more can you ask for??
  10. Nintendo DS: currently playing final fantasy tactics and animal crossing XBOX360: FFXIII , LFD2 and MW2
  11. Legend of Dragoon...maybe even another game for Final Fantasy VII like a story for Barret???
  12. resident evil 4 by a long shot...although 5 was very interesting..the movies were very good too...cant wait for the next one to come out... not a big fan of silent hill.....i think i only every played one of them
  13. the closest thing they have ever had to a reamke of VII is the video thingy from E3 a few years back....although would be very interesting if they did.... im looking forward the IX being on the PSN store...its bout time
  14. im bout 7 hours into the game....its very hands on gotta be concentrating the whole time.....the one bad thing is that is very linear.....and ur first Eidelon (summon) you dont get to use till about 2 and a bit hours later which really sucks....
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