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  1. sharpshot21

    hello all

    Hello, I'm back after a little bit of a break, and after cartoon world up and fell apart. Thanks to every one here that helps this site.
  2. sharpshot21

    Answering machine message

    even if that job is answering the phone and taking messages.
  3. sharpshot21

    Firefly coming to The Science Channel

    Yea too bad it was discontinued, and they stopped with three or more unaired episodes, hope that they are shown this time through.
  4. sharpshot21

    Music Recommendations ?

    I would recommend Muse, 3 doors down, and nickelback.
  5. sharpshot21

    Any Reccomendations?

    I would recommend RIN, Ergo Proxy, gundam 00, and yu yu hakaso
  6. sharpshot21

    I need new Animes to watch

    It might also help to tell us what you have already watched, I would say take a look at RIN or Ergo Proxy.