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  1. There are tons...however I don't really care as long as the voice is cool~
  2. I honestly think it would be a really cool idea...I'm a hard core Harry Potter fan and I like it. It has tons of potential.
  3. I can relate, either I focus anime too much and my school work falls behind, or I focus too much on school and I fall behind on anime.
  4. Taiga from Toradora...I tend to be violent.....
  5. Well technically I was watching Sailor Moon and hayao miyazaki films sense I could Bremen but I never realized they were anime's so I guess I really got into it because of Shugo Chara, Fruits Basket, and Hallow Fields.
  6. I would love a season two more than a complete remake. However, for the next season it should fallow the manga more and it should be drawn with the same style as the anime. I really like that style.
  7. I don't really get offended...It doesn't bother me either, just sometimes it get to a really climatic part of an anime and then it sows some random close up of some girl's boobs and it kinda kills the mood....-__-; But I agree, it's fine once you get use to it.
  8. I would totally be either Gaara from Naruto or Undertaker from Black Butler
  9. Please help in my serch for new animes by posting them below.
  10. i hear its pretty good, or I hear it's pretty bad So should I watch it?
  11. I still have them and I love them, but I also have an Xbox 360.... What gaming systems do you have?
  12. Who else watches it? Also what are your opinions on it, do you love it or hate it?
  13. Dragon Ball, and Dragon ball Z, So annoying...They just scream and the art bugged me so much
  14. She's ok I guess but the only reason I think I sorta like her is because I'm a huge Ulquirroa fan and she's kind of a important role in his story line.
  15. 6,729....................
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