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  1. Well, I have actually seen you EVERYWHERE! :D

  2. lol well i am pretty well known in the anime world

  3. You know how I found out about you? Youtube.

  4. is there any chance that you can finish uploadind highschool of the dead you have the best ones out so far. pls and thank you.

  5. well i guess thats fine anyways sorry for the trouble i'll edit the rest and try it remember the rules

  6. I have already finished editing the code box out of those with it.. and already moved the ones with LB to the farplane. :/

  7. dont bother trash them i'll edit them right now

  8. Almost all your posts will be trashed it seems since Link Bucks is not allowed for users because it interferes with the global set one. Also code bbcode boxes around links makes them not clickable and therefore also not allowed. Read the rules.

  9. zorro is slightly stronger i watch all one piece episode and movie and on at the last manga release so i say slightly because sanji is not far behind zorro when it come to being the strongest
  10. japanese pop is my first then come rock
  11. oh please my brides a mermaid is the most funny of all time and then school rumble
  12. funimation dub it so it should be decent
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