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  1. He might have something up his sleeves but I wont say Luffy cant win against dog-tooth. I mean he didn't even hesitated against Fujitora.
  2. The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring is different or should I say separately released manga volume which they have incorporated in Boruto anime.
  3. Title should have been 'Pudding's Mood Swings' for this chapter.
  4. Same here. Have watched until episode 15; currently put on hold. Will wait until adaptation of 'The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring' gets complete.
  5. Big mom got shocked in more ways than one.
  6. Sunny go got invaded. Guess letting the Brulee go was a mistake. Now how are they gonna get out from this will be something to look forward to; in 2 weeks though!
  7. The Boss baby. Somehow film felt fast paced.
  8. Is this from new chapter? MS has not released yet; where did u read it? Edit:- Ah! never mind, found it.
  9. They will be needing that mochi again now to plug those ears.
  10. Same here. I m trying to think what are the possible ways.
  11. We all expected the assassination plot to fail, the only thing mattered is how they plan to escape after plan fails. Now then, who is going to pop up for help? P.S : Their faces after the glass breaks alone made this chapter amazing!
  12. Yes. That is the question isn't it? Wonder how Oda plans to take care of that.
  13. ^ Well its not like they plan on taking on big mom right now; so they probably will hightail it out of there leaving a painful experience for big mom.
  14. Its those unbearable words again "OP on break next week". Oh well. Seems though we might find out about Big Mom's past in next chapter. Oh! we got to see her Conqueror's haki.
  15. Elaborate batch download. I'm using mirc.