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  1. Alder Forge (PC) - $7.49
  2. Twas a few day's before Christmas, with bad weather reports, and the folks of Texas were out wearing shorts. Rushing to the grocery store for milk and potatoes, and maybe some candles in case of tornadoes. While many are dreaming a Christmas of white, I'm wondering if I'll need my A/C tonight. Before you start thinking my cheer sounds too reckless, I'm just saying Merry Christmas from Texas!!

    1. Xykan


      Merry Christmas, Koby. 

  3. Chronos: Before the Ashes (PC) - $9.00
  4. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 (PC) - $31.19
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/204450/Call_of_Juarez_Gunslinger/ Call of Juarez Gunslinger is currently free on Steam.
  6. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning FATE Edition (PC) - $17.99
  7. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/dead-by-daylight Dead by Daylight is currently free on Epic. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/while-true-learn while True: learn () is currently free on Epic. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/crsed-f-o-a-d CRSED: F.O.A.D. is currently free on Epic.
  8. Final Fantasy V Update 2 The main content of the update is as follows. Battle Adjustments The ability ""Cover"" has been altered so it now activates when in critical condition. In battles that cannot be escaped from, the ability ""Hide"" has been changed so it continues, even when all characters other than the hidden character are wiped out. The ability ""Barehanded"" has been adjusted to reduce correctly when certain command abilities are used, such as ""Rapid Fire"" and ""Jump"". The HP reduction effect of ""Thornlet"" now continues throughout battle. A fix has been implemented meaning that when a character wearing an accessory that grants additional effects is KO, Petrify or turned into a zombie, and those effects are ended, the effects will now automatically return after their status is restored to normal. The status ailment resistance of some monsters has been decreased. The behavior of certain monsters using non-standard counters when hit by special kinds of attacks, such as multi-hit attacks, has now been fixed. For some enemies, the conditions for a special counter occurring, for example, when defeated) have been adjusted, and if there is event, it will trigger correctly without skipping. There is an issue where counter actions and events may no longer occur if three or more consecutive attacks are performed. We plan to fix this issue in future. Map/Event Adjustments Movement speed has been decreased for the ability ""Dash"". Black Chocobo movement patterns have been adjusted, making capture easier. Bug Fixes The following bugs have been fixed. We apologize profoundly for the inconvenience caused. Battle There were some cases where using the abilities ""Control"", ""Catch"" and ""Release"" in succession would cause the processing to slow down. There continue to be some cases where the behavior of ""Release"" is affected when the selected monster disappears before ""Catch"" is carried out, and a different monster is caught. Additionally, if a character leaves the party while monsters are caught, then they will have lost those monsters when they rejoin the party. We plan to fix these two issues in future. The turn order may have performed unusually when using the time magic spell ""Quick"" with the ability ""Dualcast"". The game may have performed unusually when the ability ""Mimic"" is used under certain conditions. Using the ability ""Lance"" on an enemy whose movements have been stopped would prevent the game from progressing further. There were some cases where parameter changes for abilities and equipment may not have been properly reflected. There were some cases where the ATB gauge was not correctly maintained when performing a counter action. The enemy skill ""Danse Macarbe"" also targeted party members who had temporarily left the battlefield. When using a “Gold Needle” against certain monsters like ""Stone Golems"", the game may have performed unusually, preventing the game from progressing further. There were some cases where the effect of the ""Gold Hairpin"" that reduces MP consumed by half did not function correctly. There were some cases where additional effects on equipped weapons did not occur correctly when afflicted with the ""Zombie"" status ailment, causing the game to perform unusually. The motion when using the ability ""Time Magic"" ""Iainuki"" was incorrect." Map/Events There were some cases where the battle with the boss monster, ""Necrophobe"", would not trigger under certain conditions. We have adjusted it so that this battle will trigger again if you load a save from before you entered the final floor, or if you load a completed game save created after this update has been released. If the bug has already occurred for you, then we apologize for the trouble, but ask you to use the above methods to resolve the issue. There were some cases where the landmass settings on the world map and the movement speeds for vehicles were not correct. The changes to landmass on the world map were not correct at a certain time. There was a place on the sea at the beginning of the game where unintended battle encounters would occur. There were some cases where you became unable to return to the vehicle that you were previously riding after certain events had occurred. After exiting certain dungeons, the teleport destination may have performed unusually when using ""Teleport"" from another location. In certain maps including the ""Tower of Walse"", moving whilst afflicted with the ""Toad"" or ""Mini"" status may have prevented the game from progressing further. There were some cases where certain conditions during dungeons or battles with a time limit would prevent the game from progressing further. There were some cases were certain control inputs would cause events to occur repeatedly. Reloading a quick save from certain points caused some battles that should have occurred to not trigger. Reloading a quick save from certain points prevented the game from progressing further. If you recovered to full HP (for example, by using a ""Cottage"") whilst afflicted with the ""Zombie"" status ailment, then you would become unable to cure it with ""Holy Water"". In the sound player, some songs had errors in their play time. We plan to continue performing updates in future, in addition to the content adjusted in this patch. Thank you for your ongoing support of FINAL FANTASY V and the Pixel Remaster series.
  9. Been playing: Pokemon Shining Pearl Shin Megami Tensei V
  10. Patch v58173 - Live Now - Fixed a rare case where Inspect mode would get stuck during combat. - Fixed Illaoi's Scourge Ult not granting the correct healing bonus per tentacle consumed. - Fixed Xa'Tal fight awarding too much XP in certain instances. - Saying "No" to watching tutorials will now be saved and not ask again after reloading. - Fixed light bridges in the Vault of Vesani. - Fixed a case when activating a golem and entering combat would cause a permanent black screen. - Fixed a specific case with golems in the Vault of the Vesani where their collision would remain after defeat, blocking the player. - Fixed a case where a particular boss's portal would be invisible. - Fixed an issue where the game would become stuck if you defeated a particular boss with Yasuo's Manumane sword equipped. - Fixed sound effects playing all at once when Inspect Mode is opened and closed during active combat. - Fixed a rare issue where combat would get stuck when a tutorial popped up. - Fixed an issue with the camera not resetting after Ahri interacts with the cannon in the Well of the Mother Serpent. - Fixed a specific issue with lootables respawning after fishing. - Fixed an issue where using potions outside of combat sometimes caused a soft lock. - Stopped Shadow Constructs from getting back up after being defeated. - Fixed an issue with the Fishing Journal becoming stuck on screen. - Fixed a rare issue with the camera getting stuck zoomed in during some battles. - Fixed an issue when using Miss Fortune's Shredder ability while wearing her Ruined skin and the 3B upgrade that would lock combat. - Added an FPS limiter to avoid issues when running with V-Sync disabled. - Fixed an issue where saving and reloading at the pylon puzzle in the Dread Woods would cause the puzzle to become stuck.
  11. It’s time to save Bilgewater, Captain! Available now, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, is a turn-based single player RPG by fan-favorite indie developer, Airship Syndicate, led by comic book artist Joe Mad and known for games like Battle Chasers and Darksiders. In Ruined King: A League of Legends Story you will unite a group of unlikely Champions to stop a threat against two regions of Runeterra. Bilgewater, a bustling port city that is home to sea monster hunters, dock gangs, and smugglers from across the known world; and the Shadow Isles, a land cursed with the deadly Black Mist which shrouds the island and corrupts those it comes in contact with. In order to defeat a common and mysterious enemy, players will form an unlikely party of beloved League of Legends Champions – Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Braum, Yasuo, Ahri, and Pyke. Patch 57973 - Live Now - Fix for assigning input to button keys. This fixes remapping on azerty keyboards and a double binding bug for all languages. - Changed reading colors from strings in all regions. This should address several issues Swedish and Finnish users were encountering. - Fixes Boon roulette breaking the frame in 16:10 resolution
  12. Final Fantasy V: Pixel Remaster (PC) - $11.66 Pumpkin Jack (PC) - $11.99
  13. Koby

    Edge of Eternity

    Major Update 1.1 is out! Since the Bestiary Update late in July, we didn't show you some stuff on the working progress content. Although today, we are proud to reveal several new features that we have implemented as well as some other surprises across the open world... Have a look of the trailer below: First of all, four new enemies now roaming in the open world of Heryon: the Valnakraai, the Ostophagos, the Noir Monarch and your beloved Stalker. Designed in collaboration with the Kickstarter's backers each one have these own abilities and characteristics to get you out of play. In order to beat them, you are welcome to use the new spell families, like the shadow, the water and the wind. Combined them thanks to the new weather UI to enhance your strengths! Thanks to your feedback, we have re-balanced the fights. The battles will now prove more challenging, whereas you're fight bosses or mere wandering monsters. Equip your crystals into the brand new gem patterns to triumph over the battlefield. On a much calmer topic, you could find about ten new side quests in the open world also you can hear new inn dialogues if Fallon doesn't complain... Lastly, Herelsor City got freshened up! From the former version designed in 2016, the heart of the Astryan Continent is now more consistent with the rest of the universe and got performance improvements. You can now reach it even faster with the all-new Nekaroo dash, which you can trigger by riding through the dandelions sprinkled all over Heryon. And most of all, don't miss the new NPC's animations over the different locations of the open world. Full Patch Notes New Content Added nine new sidequests Eight new party inn scenes Added four new monsters in the world (Valnakkrai / Ostophagos / Noir Monarch / Stalker) Added new Spells for Daryon, Fallon and Ysoris Features Added Nekaroo boosters, you can now find flowers that can boost the speed of your Nekaroo across the field Fixes Fix overlapping text in Teleport interface Fix overlapping arrow and console icon in Shop UI Fix Ysoris Barrier causing some spell to not reduce HP to one Fix Scan UI will now display the squashed stats Fix Creature unable to move to a case to reach an ally Fix Dialog bubble that could hide some interfaces Fix Arc Selection not working properly Fix Klaysha and Borborygm will no longer move when using ejection skills on them Fix Big Orokko not having full HP on Highest difficulty when fighting in the camp Fix Daryon Special attack costing mana Fix Fallon Exploration Attack animation stuck Fix some entities spawning at a wrong position Fix missing icons Fix missing drones during Myrna fight Fix Softlock occurring during equipment tutorial if you already have an equipment set Fix flamethrower/reactor decor interact that could cause no damage Fix passive shield lost when receiving damages blocked by cover Fix Tyr Caelym defense game over not occurring when Ysoris and Selene are dead but ally turrets are still alive Fix Softlock occurring during battle moves Fix Repulse node not triggering case enter event Fix mobs spawning with missing HP in Nightmare difficulty Fix Reynan Golem moving when they are able to merge Fix Softlock occurring during Fallon Fight in Chapter 5 Fix Opportunity Attacks triggering when an enemies get healed Fix Web state alteration not removed when dying Fix Passive shield will no longer save characters from bosses finishers (Reinitialize, Apocalypse...) Fix Theia Energy base skills not doing the right amount of damages Fix Possibility to scroll indefinitely in the crystal interface Fix Theia possible softlock occurring for PC layout Fix some sides quests issues Fix missing items in shops Fixing Orokko SFX problems Fixing colliders Solna plain, Elysian Field Fix terrain issues in the Battelfield Fix hole under a stair in the Mount Berenroth Fix some floating asset at Inel and the Inn in the plain Improvements Mantis will now stay in stun mode after receiving a hit during its stun phase Changing some battle bonus objectives Better transition when ending Kora Duel battle Mercury phases will now switch after the end of special attacks (in order to understand what's going on) DOT new effects Battle interface is now showing elements affected by the weather Improved gem patterns for all weapons in the game Improved SFX of cutscenes of the last part of the game Improved Final boss music Added and improved NPC animations in the world Staging NPC in the world Reworked Herelsor city models to have better performance and be more consistent with the other parts of the game Improved some controller scheme layout Balancing New Damages formula Reducing player backstab damages Reducing Siege weapon damage Normalizing damages for rift spells level 1 and 2 Normalizing Daryon Elemental attacks Borborygm battle is now adapted to difficulty set Items are now using a new formula for damages/heal value Special attack bar fill speed reduced Mercury overall balancing Klayshaa in crystal cathedral will now summon adds after Heaven's gate is cast Global heal reduced Zandra will no longer have Thunder Rift Dire Gurnn is now immune to paralyze alteration Resistance and weakness of mobs Reducing the liability of weather damage More frequent collectable items in the game New battle location for King Morom and adds The fight against the three corroded eggs have more decors interact and the adds are more resistant Food liabilities have been reworked 40% off until November 11th To celebrate this huge Update that we have been prepared since three months, you can grab your Steam copy of the game with a -40% off from November 8th 7PM CEST/10AM PST to November 11th 7PM CEST/10AM PST. Even the raiders of Tyr-Caelum will not offer you this price!
  14. Decided to start playing Star Ocean: First Departure R on the Switch.
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