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  1. Not a single actor on the show is making $1m an episode anymore. Bernadette and Amy had been making $200k an episode. Contracts were up and those two wanted a pay raise for obvious reasons. But those in charge didn't want to pay the cast more, so the rest all took a $100k pay-cut each in the latest contract so that those two now will earn $500k each episode. While the rest will be making $900k an episode starting this next season. Everyone's contract was renewed for 2 seasons. So it's very possible that the next 2 seasons will end up being the last. Sure it sounds like a lot of money, but this is the biggest most watched comedy on TV, and definitely the biggest money maker. Lets not forget that Charlie Sheen use to make $1.8m per episode on Two and a Half Men which is double what anyone on TTBT is making. Wikipedia has a pretty detailed article on how much actors make on TV shows here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_paid_American_television_stars This Fall they have a spin-off titled "Young Sheldon" premiering, but it looks like it'll be crap.
  2. I disagree because looking at actual facts, the three main actors/actresses took a paycut during this last contract negotiation just so their co-stars could get a pay-raise.
  3. Hillary Clinton would've been even worse though.
  4. Except it's that way on 4 different desktops, and 3 different laptops ranging from WinXP, Win Vista, Win7, and Win10. And they all act the same. So clearly it's not just a "one system" ordeal. It'd be weird if it's only me yet somehow affecting every single machine I've got the same way. On every one of them Chrome takes ages to boot up (with no plugins and via fresh install) and uses more ram with a single tab than FireFox does with a dozen tabs (and several plugins). While FireFox boots up the instant the icon is clicked. It's been a universal experience I've had for years. Even on my cellphone, the mobile version of Chrome is really slow to open up. But another reason I prefer Firefox over Chrome aside from the faster boot times and less ram usage, is the text rendering. Chrome renders text weird to me and it literally hurts my eyes and induces migraines after short periods of reading text through Chrome rendering it pretty much inoperable to me for any long period of time. Changing text settings didn't seem to help it much if any (JohnFlower tried to help me before). It's more bold and yet not as sharp, kind of looks blurred with some semi-glow or something. Hard to explain but I've shown examples before and even Chrome-enthusiasts like JohnFlower seemed to agree there was a difference in them especially in my screenshots I shared before (would have to retake them or hunt them down).
  5. Never tried Vivaldi. Explorer is dead, replaced by Edge which still doesn't support a lot of stuff, including some of the stylistic css that our forum themes utilize such as the color blur on the maintitles of Titan for example. Chrome is slow af, takes several minutes to boot up after clicking the icon, then randomly freezes, and hogs memory. This is even with a fresh install and no plugins. I honestly didn't think many people still used Opera. I use FireFox. Even with a lot of plugins, it boots up quickly, supports everything, and doesn't use much memory (in comparison to say Chrome) even with a dozen tabs open. I've had no reason to look for another browser as a result.
  6. ffmpeg is another option.
  7. Why would you want to hardsub the subtitle background but not the actual subtitles? Should just do it all in aegisub and leave it soft-subbed. Anyways hardsubbing a video requires re-encoding the video.
  8. Aegisub would work fine to do that. You can adjust opacity and everything, but honestly I see no reason to do subtitles like that...
  9. Ah that is [somuchmore]'s release. Believe it's still on BakaBT most likely as well. Also iirc ChoeyXD made a dual-audio release using it for 54-89 in the past with fidelbd's audio sync which may or may not still be available on AnimeBytes. Anyways it's alright, but it is a little bitrate starved and the encode settings were always pretty terrible, but it looked about as good as one could expect for the time that it came out (back when Dattebayo was still actively releasing and every group was doing SD-only lol).
  10. If you still want this I can extract the audio from OZC... I don't believe Gundam 00 ever got a USBD or any non-US BD with lossless English audio so the best we can get is 2.0 AC3 audio from the USDVDs.
  11. I just got most of them back in a time when I didn't really archive much 1080p and haven't ever got around to swapping them or comparing. I tend to just stick with 720p when applicable for these long running hundreds of episodes shounen series though, but I doubt there will be a huge difference either way as this is Toei after all, but it's whatever. Size isn't a concern for me. I could always use more hard drive space of course, but I'm up to 41 TB of archives right now. =)
  12. This is what I currently have (all are 720p): Movie 01: bxyh Movie 02: bxyh Movie 03: Puto Movie 04: Kaitou Movie 05: Kaitou Movie 06: Qrazed Movie 07: nks-Qrazed Movie 08: Thora Movie 09: Yibis Movie 10: CBM Movie 11: Hatsuyuki Movie 12: CBM Movie 13: Waiting on other options
  13. That's more about getting started with the basics of avisynth rather than getting started with x264 command line. Well it certainly doesn't go into detail about what each individual setting does exactly, but it does at least get you started with some filters and how to utilize them: https://tofincayra.wordpress.com/encoding/beginners-guide/