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  1. Better or worse than Shazam 1 or Black Adam?
  2. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin launches on Steam April 6th.
  3. Event Update 0.8.17 Greetings. Below you will find the update 0.8.17 details. A new optional boss is added to Chapter 3. The Azure Eques is available near Val Réal's city gates during either the start of chapter 3 or its end. Upon defeating the Azure Eques optional boss you will receive the "Espadon Azure" Greatsword for the Knight Class and with it, you can inherit the Aqua dance skill. New fragments and new elemental skills are added to three areas from the start of the game. Upon assembling these fragments you can acquire new Anima Stones and unlock additional skills. The Anima Stones' fragments are the following: The Aard Anima Stone fragments can be acquired in the Garnier Core Unit during chapter 1. The Ventus Anima Stone fragments can be acquired in the High Council Building at the start of the game. The "Core Lumiere" Anima Stone fragments can be acquired in Serenza city at night. All the skill thumbnails are updated with new colors. Each skill thumbnail color will correspond to the elemental type it will inflict on your enemies. The Ignat Sentinel boss fight (Chapter 3) cameras are adjusted. The giant HXP drone's UI and camera lock are fixed. Serenza city's dominant texture (Trimsheet) is redesigned as a 4K texture instead of the previous 2K one. Bug conflict in the Garnier tower roofs between the optional and main story boss is fixed.
  4. The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure (PC) - $36.11
  5. The story of aspiring hero Lloyd Bannings continues in Trails to Azure! Set just a few months after the events of Trails from Zero, a temporary peace has settled over Crossbell and the Special Support Section find themselves with newfound fame and status, thanks to their heroic actions. However, the peace is soon broken with the rise of multiple organizations with ulterior motives. Framing these growing tensions is the increasing pressure from the Erebonian Empire and the Republic of Calvard, with Crossbell caught between them. With the safety of their home and the foundations of their team now on the line, Lloyd and his allies must gear themselves for the threats that loom ahead. Little do they know that Crossbell will soon become the stage for a climactic conflict that will determine its future... The Fate of the City-State: Play through the finale of the Crossbell arc, a key thread within the Trails universe. What lies ahead for Lloyd Bannings and his ragtag squad of allies? Crossbell’s Finest Forces: Experience new combat features introduced by Trails to Azure, including Burst, Back Attack, and even your own customizable car. Also, meet a few familiar faces from the Trails of Cold Steel series! Power from the Past: Import save data from Trails from Zero for a different story experience, including additional event scenes and entirely new scenes! Also, use your save data from Trails to Azure for bonuses in the upcoming release of Trails into Reverie!
  6. Released today with a -10% off Launch Discount: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1848070/Absinthia/
  7. Absinthia is a turn-based RPG that explores themes of love, loss, betrayal and acceptance as four close friends fight to protect their home. Story The Ambrose Isles are home to many things: A pirate hideout, a treacherous swamp, an abandoned desert kingdom… But for those who prefer a danger-free life, Katti Town is the place to be. One night, Katti Town found itself besieged by a horde of shadowy minions and their leader, Lilith. But hope was not lost–before Lilith could claim victory, a traveling knight named Freya appeared and drove back Lilith`s forces with ease. Now known as the Hero of Katti Town, Freya took three villagers under her wing: Sera, a warrior-in-training; Thomas, an apprentice mage; and his partner, the mischievous thief Jake. Together, they train to protect Katti Town and the Ambrose Isles. But one question remains on everyone’s minds: Why is Lilith attacking the isles to begin with… And who is Freya? Features Traditional turn-based JRPG system featuring a regenerating MP system for fast-paced combat, powerful team-based attacks and no random encounters! Difficulty options for those who seek challenge–or only want to focus on the story. Just the right length: Average playtime should clock between 10-12 hours with plenty of optional content, perfect for folks who don`t have time to sit through 40 hours of filler. Colorful handheld-style pixel art Original soundtrack: Composed by Jazz Stewart, Absinthia`s soundtrack is a modern take on some of the greatest tunes from the SNES era of JRPGs. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1848070/Absinthia/
  8. Demo is now out: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2231770/Resident_Evil_4_Chainsaw_Demo/
  9. Chained Echoes (PC) is the latest game to add to my completion list. I heard the dev is still going to update it further with a New Game+ and such later, so I'll see how that goes I suppose.
  10. Demo 2.0 Since launching the demo in October 2022, we received a tremendous amount of support and critiques from all across the spectrum. I wanted to personally thank everyone who's played the game thus far - it truly means the world to us! Over the past months, Cameron and I dug into all the feedback, and rebalanced many aspects of the gameplay experience itself. In some cases, we added entire new systems (such as swimming & fishing). The demo will still contain the game's first chapter, but with some significant overhaul & refinement. I believe this version represents a more accurate picture of what the final game might feel like! A list of changes Added GUIDE Menu: A sub-menu allowing the player to check the map, view quests, enemy details, game mechanics, and more. Swimming: Certain bodies of water are now traversable! The player can also dive to reach hidden gold, chests or underwater switches! Active vs Wait Modes: The player can now CHOOSE if they want battles to run on ACTIVE mode (a FF7 style ATB), vs WAIT (enemies won't attack continuously until the player chooses). This can be changed at any time in the menu. Maiden Statues Rebalanced: Statues will now only give a GODDESS TEAR item if the game is running on Story Mode. Otherwise, they only offer a single-use heal. Fishing: Use your fishing rod + lure at certain locations throughout the game! Over 15 unique fish to catch! Item Messages: The "Item Found" message boxes now will show a small visual icon of each item once it's been obtained! Golden Chests: New varieties of treasure. Chests will look visually distinct if they contain Gear/Equipment. Stats Rebalanced: Some enemies adjusted according to player feedback. New locations: Chapter 1 has been greatly expanded with over 4 new optional areas & hidden treasures. Graphical Bugs: Minor visual bugs fixed.
  11. People kept rumoring that RE5 Remake would happen after RE4 Remake, although most seem to want a Code Veronica Remake far more... Seems like Capcom is putting to rest whether or not an RE5 Remake is even a question currently by suddenly updating the existing Resident Evil 5 game on Steam. Here is the Patch Notes: - Removed Games for Windows Live support. - Will support local split screen co-op. - Some other minor bug fixes.
  12. Update came to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet today along with some costume dlc and an announcement of two expansion packs coming later this year in Fall and Winter. With this update, we have added new features, new functionality for Pokémon Boxes, and fixes for bugs that affected game progress, among other updates. We will continue to take your feedback very seriously and take measures to improve your gameplay experience
  13. Resident Evil 4 is an upcoming survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. It is a remake of the 2005 game Resident Evil 4, scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S on March 24, 2023. The game player follows agent Leon S. Kennedy who faces several enemies in a mission to save Ashley Graham, daughter of the President of the United States. Players control Resident Evil 2 lead, U.S. agent Leon S. Kennedy, on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, daughter of the President of the United States, from a Spanish village dominated by Los Illuminados, a violent cult worshipping an ancient parasite, years after the events of his introduction. Other characters appearing in the remake involve the returning Ada Wong, Leon's operator Ingrid Hunnigan, as well as the civilian Luis Serra, and the antagonists Bitores Mendez and Ramon Salazar. Resident Evil 4 is a remake of the 2005 game of the same name. It will feature "over-the-shoulder" third-person shooter gameplay similar to the original game, while drawing from the remakes of Resident Evil 2 (2019) and Resident Evil 3 (2020). In an innovative step to the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 4 will be the first game to offer six optional control schemes, including one that is styled after the control scheme in the original game. Resident Evil 4 features modernized and improved visuals compared to the original, with a tenser atmosphere, improved character designs and enhanced backgrounds. As in the original game, the player will organize their inventory with an "attache case". The Merchant also returns, allowing the player to buy, upgrade, and trade items. He will also provide new side quests that may be completed during the main story. In combat, Leon can roundhouse kick enemies to push them away, as well as new parry mechanics which include blocking attacks from a chainsaw with a knife.
  14. Digimon World: Next Order is a role-playing video game in the Digimon franchise and the sixth game in the Digimon World series. The game is developed by B.B. Studio and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game was released for PlayStation Vita in Japan on March 17, 2016. The game would later release for PlayStation 4 in North America and PAL regions in January 2017, and in Japan on February 26, 2017 as Digimon World: Next Order International Edition. Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows versions were released on February 22, 2023. The Digital World has run rampant with Machinedramon and is now in a state of utter chaos. As a Digidestined, it’s up to you to restore order to the world in Digimon World: Next Order, a monster collecting RPG. Find and recruit as many faithful Digimon companions as possible to rebuild the Digital World. Will you be able to balance both training and exploration to stop the virus-infected Digimon from causing complete destruction? • ENDLESSLY ENGAGING FUN Choose between a male or female protagonist and seek adventure with over 200 Digimon to collect! Explore the world with, not one but, TWO Digimon companions for the first time ever. • TAKE CARE OF DIGIMON Form a strong bond with your Digimon by caring for them: feed, train, discipline, and Digivolve them. The stronger the bond between you and your Digimon, as well as between the two Digimon companions, the greater the chance of victory in battles! • BUILD A THRIVING TOWN Expand and manage your town, Floatia. Recruit new Digimon, upgrade buildings, grow crops, and more as you grow into a sprawling Digi-metropolis. • EVOLVED AI BATTLE SYSTEM Train your pair of Digimon to fight cooperatively in AI battles. Issue commands and cheer them to victory!
  15. Version of CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION has now been released. Update Content ・Framerate improvements ・Changes to the growth system for Pip ・Other minor bug fixes (When using the hardware stated in the recommended specs for the Steam version, you can expect the game to run at an average of 60FPS (30FPS maximum outside of battle scenes.) However, due to the rendering system used in the game, it is possible that when using certain graphics cards, some scenes with particularly high load may not run at 60FPS. The cards we have observed this occurring with are in the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series.) Details about the update have been posted on the official website and the support page.
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