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  1. Hmm

    DanMachi season 3 was announced.

    Psycho-Pass 3 was confirmed to be 8 1-hour long episodes.

    Fire Force episode 12 won't air till 10/11 due to special programming.

    1. KiyoshiStar


      Also got A Certain Scientific Railgun T (AKA Season 3) confirmed for January 2020. 

      Fire Force delayed but got a new Key Visual if you like those. https://www.funimation.com/blog/2019/09/27/fire-force-new-key-visual-art-fall-2019-anime-funimation/

      And the SAO Premiere at NYCC is confirmed to be Subbed. https://twitter.com/AnimeFestNYCC/status/1177284871837949952

      Bummed about the last one, since US Location/Dub VA at Event, I assumed it was going to be Dubbed. Which I also hoped was a sign that the Dub broadcast wouldn't be far behind Sub.

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