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  1. hey,


     How u doin buddy!! I just read on internet that kametsu stopped the dl section , well it was a surprise but yup understandable by all means. Anyways as long as kametsu is around I'll keep lurking it . Its one of those old place that shud stay alive .


     There is one think I wanted to ask you, a friend of mine asked me , what is the best add company for an anime site? well I have been out of loop for so long now that I have no idea, you got any clue mate?



     Take care

     best of luck to kametsu

    1. Koby


      I don't know much about ad companies other than I have had bad experiences with most of them that I tried and ultimately decided they were worthless, especially in todays internet world full of adblockers and virus infested ads. It's much better and safer for your visitors to try to remain ad free and let the userbase support the site in their own way rather than trying to force them to view adverts.

    2. EvilServo


      well you got a point but still sometimes donations are not enough, my friend was running website on donations for past 6 years and I think he has had it enough now lol


       so what are the future plans for kametsu/ I remember kametsu had its own encodings

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