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  1. Vinland Saga PV:


    1. LighteningOne


      Interesting....pretty medieval style. Cool!

    2. Scyrous


      As to be expected of the director of Inuyashiki, there's a decent amount of CGI.

      I do appreciate what was done at 0:30. Rather than doing everything in 3D, they opted to animate the main character in 2D instead. His movements do look a bit choppy, but going through the scene frame-by-frame that guy was definitely animated in 2D. It reminds me of the 3DMG scenes from AoT S1, which used a similar approach (main characters 2D and everything else 3D). This guy was also the CGI director for AoT S1, so I guess it makes sense.


      Admittedly the premise of the show doesn't seem too interesting, but I'll give it a shot.

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