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    2. Koby


      Nah, if you have something to discuss with me, discuss it with me rather than going through the grapevine of staff who'd then have to come to me (stuff gets misinterpreted when middle-men so to speak are involved in relaying messages. I don't mind when potential issues are brought up, I guess I just don't see what the issue was here, what kind of answer you hoped for, or what you hoped to achieve from it.


      Maybe it stems from the fact it started with a lame joke among friends. Maybe it's cause I speak with you almost every day, so the method of which this transpired (status updates) was kind of an odd way to address a concern you have with the community. Discussing it in live chat, or in more public of places (like the assistance board) would have allowed for much more active responses and more community input into the matter.


      I find it odd that you'd compare Reddit to Kametsu (funny my auto-correct keeps wanting to change Kametsu to Kamehameha)  and expect some kind of similar thing. To me it's like comparing apples and broccoli, or comparing a big team of staff at a AAA Game Studio to a small indie game studio made up of 3 people. Obviously a huge business will likely be held to higher standards and business protocol than a fan-group of people who just share a similar hobby. The basis of the comparison was also of totally different things in my eyes; one was modifying or silencing a political party on a huge base where no one really knows anyone or are close friends, the other was an insider joke among friends in a tight-knit rather small in comparison community.


      If it's solely about what sort of bad things COULD happen in the same vein... Well you shouldn't fear that, and if it ever became an issue, bring it up at that time, rather than taking issue with a joke. To me your concern seems to be about potential issues that I wouldn't allow to happen, nor would most of our staff be willing to put up with. I'm not running this site as a hobby to go around pissing off friends by modifying posts to change opinions or speak for them through their account. But yeah, when people voice concerns about this potentially being an issue, it's practically the same thing as saying they don't trust me not to abuse whatever abilities I may have. So in a way, it does come off as sort of an attack against my character, whether intended or not. The simple question to any of these concerns is... Do you trust that I can be responsible enough to not abuse my authority? If the answer is no, then there isn't anything to talk about and there wouldn't be any reason to stick around. If the answer is yes, then there is nothing to worry about.


      The only "agenda" in this ordeal was boredom and a bad attempt at getting some people to smile. I wasn't trying to force a different opinion, I didn't re-write posts to any degree (simply inserted two words that didn't change the contents meaning besides the addition of a o.O joke). Some of the parties involved found it humorous, but obviously you did not. Unfortunately with anything there will always the "that one" that takes issue. Are you wrong for taking issue? No, I just didn't see things from your pov to understand why you felt there was an issue or what kind of result or answer you hoped would come of it. I honestly do feel however that some people simply take every aspect of anything far too seriously and sometimes we just need to take a breath and chill. Not everything has to be professional and devoid of any emotion. I'm not faulting anyone here. Mainly the biggest issue, as always, is simply a miscommunication/misinterpretation or lack-thereof.

    3. NeutralHatred


      I need a TL;DR of this status update. I ain't got time for these walls.

    4. Scyrous


      I will trust you.